As the television industry at last begins inching toward a resumption of production, we are, ironically, looking back — specifically at Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy — and diagnosing that burning sensation we’ve been feeling as questions in need of answering in Season 17.

Even cut short by four episodes, this past season was a barn burner, one that broke up Alex and Jo to reunite him with old flame Izzie (and usher original cast member Justin Chambers off the canvas), presented Meredith with a singularly appealing gift from Cristina (McWidow) and made us deathly afraid that Richard was about to join Derek, Lexie, Mark and George in that big operating room in the sky. Along the way, it also dropped a whole lot of question marks in the thought bubbles above our head.

Some of the unresolved issues that have been keeping us up nights — that is, when the state of the world hasn’t been enough to do so on its own — involve, as you’d expect, characters’ love lives, who’ll end up with whom, that sort of thing. Other concerns focus on plot threads left dangling and, in a way, the future of the entire show (keeping in mind that the upcoming season is the only one left that’s guaranteed).

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