GORDON Ramsay has given fans a sneak peak at his stunning Cornwall mansion – and his four adorable dogs.

The sweary chef has been hunkering down in Cornwall with his family at their holiday home there and today he's shown off the lesser spotted members of his family – the pups.

Gordon posted a video to his Instagram Stories showing him trying to get one of his dogs off the sofa in his palatial kitchen.

He says: "Oh Lord. No dogs on the sofa! Peanut, what are you doing? Look at the colour of your feet. Really? Hey, get off the sofa! You little muppet, get off the sofa now with those dirty feet. Off the sofa – you smell!"

However adorable Peanut decided to ignore Gordon's desperate pleas leaving the chef to try his luck at moving his other dog Carlos from a footstool.

"Oh no, another one on the sofa. Carlos, are you dead? Is any dog in their bed?"

Fortunately Gordon then found his third dog, Bruno in a dog bed – just not his.

He said: "You're in your bed, well it's Rumpole's bed who's pushing daisies but you're in there.

"Thank you somebody in the correct bed. Thank you Bruno."

Gordon then introduced his fans to the newest edition to their family – puppy Truffle.

Sadly for Gordon the little French bulldog decided sleeping was more important than amusing his chef owner and he ignored him.

"Dude, how can you be tired when you haven't even gone out yet? Really?" Gordon said after showing the puppy off.

And while showing the pops off, Gordon gave fans a look at his incredible and chic kitchen.

Painted blue cupboards and marble worktops made the kitchen look seriously expensive and fit for a multi-millionaire chef and his family.

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