Warning: The following contains spoilers for Good Trouble’s Season 4 finale. Proceed at your own risk!

That sound you heard was Good Trouble viewers screaming, “Finally!” During Thursday’s Season 4 finale, Dennis told Davia that he and his girlfriend Ryan are not moving in together. Heck, they’re not even still in a relationship, he added. The revelation caused Davia to burst into tears with relief and exclaim that she loves him, a feeling that Dennis returned as the two kissed.

Elsewhere, Mariana went undercover and found herself on Silas’ farm, where his righthand man fired a gun just as Mariana, Jenna and Joaquin were attempting to escape. Meanwhile, back at The Coterie, Isabella gave birth at home, then changed her mind about letting Jazmin and her husband adopt her and Gael’s baby.

Below, showrunner Joanna Johnson breaks down Davia and Dennis’ long-awaited moment and previews their future as a couple. Johnson also reveals that Callie will have some strong feelings in Season 5 about Mariana’s decision to infiltrate the farm.

TVLINE | In terms of where you are in the show’s life and the characters’ arcs, what made now the right time to take this step forward with Davia and Dennis?
I think a lot of our fans felt like, “When is this going to happen?” and we’ve kind of teased them enough. But I also think the two of them have really grown. It was good for Dennis to have another relationship, to sort of get back into the groove. And it also proved to Davia that he’s ready to have a relationship, and she needed to see that. And Davina also needed to realize that she’s running away from the man she loves because she’s afraid that he’s going to leave her, and it’s time for her to to take a chance and have some faith in Dennis. He’s earned it.

TVLINE | Talk to me about writing and directing that pivotal moment for them and what you wanted to convey in that final scene between the two of them. It was so sweetly done.
I loved staging it so that they couldn’t see each other in the beginning. So that we could see on their faces what they’re really feeling without them showing each other what they’re feeling. And I loved that Davia was so relieved that she burst into tears. I just thought that was a cute, sweet moment between them, and just seeing them both finally let go was really fun and seeing them kiss. We were in The Coterie so I couldn’t do a big drone shot that pulls off and out on them. [Laughs] But I liked the idea also of just a little moment of a flashback of how they got there while they’re kissing, just to remind everyone of the journey and sort of thanking the fans for going on this journey with us and being so invested in them. I thought it was fun for them to have just a little look back.

TVLINE | Did you have any conversations with Emma Hunton and Josh Pence about this particular scene and also the direction of their relationship going forward?
I haven’t talked to them about where their relationship’s going going forward, because at that point, I really didn’t know. I’ve been back with the writers now for a couple of weeks for Season 5 and have some really great ideas in mind for them, just watching them navigate being together now and all the stuff that comes with being in a relationship. I didn’t really have to say anything to them about that scene in the finale because they were ready for it, and they both wanted it. They both really firmly believe that Davia and Dennis need to be together.

TVLINE | As you move forward into Season 5, what would you say is the biggest challenge for Davia and Dennis in this new stage of their relationship?
There’s a couple of things. One is now they’re together and they’re instantly sort of living together. You don’t have that natural progression of where you date someone and you sort of have also that fun like, “I haven’t seen them for three days. I wonder when he or she’s going to call me?” They sort of end up jumping over all of that by virtue of having been friends for so long [and] also the fact that they’ve been living together for so long. So that sort of colors the relationship a little. You can easily get too comfortable too soon.

But then the other thing is that the two of them are going to really be pursuing some big career moves next season and struggling with finding the time when people are so busy, trying to build careers. It’s hard to find time for each other. So they’re going to have to really make that time to find moments together and to do some things that are special and not just think, “Oh, we’re here in The Coterie. We’ll just chill and do Netflix every night.” They’re going to have to work.

TVLINE | Without giving away exactly what happens with the cliffhanger and who might be in danger, can you say whether someone has definitely been shot? 
I don’t know if I want to give it away, exactly. But there’s going to be consequences that are going to be immense. Let’s put it that way. It’s going to be serious.

TVLINE | The storyline with Mariana taking on this dangerous undercover mission on her own, it felt very much like something Callie would have done on The Fosters. Was that intentional? Was she sort of channeling her sister that she’s missing?
Yes. We laughed about that within the writers’ room, that people were going to equate that with Callie getting into the van with the pimp on The Fosters, although it’s a little different because these women, obviously, themselves aren’t particularly dangerous. I mean, we don’t think. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t… But yes, I think she was channeling a little bit of a move out of Callie’s playbook and probably consciously aware that this is something [her] sister might do. And when Callie gets wind of it in Season 5, she’s not going to be very happy with her sister doing something so foolish.

TVLINE | Does the fact that Isabella’s reconsidering keeping the baby also mean she’s reconsidering her relationship with Gael and that they might still be together, romantically?
She’s so confused, this girl. I’m sure she probably is thinking maybe they could go back to what they were and keep the baby. But for Gael, his head is spinning. She told him she loved him, and then she told him she didn’t think she did love him. She said she was ready for this baby, and then she said she’s not ready for this baby and she wanted to make an adoption plan for the baby, but now she wants to keep the baby. So she’s had him on quite a roller coaster. So I don’t even know what he really believes is true anymore.

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