GMB issues update on Susanna Reid’s voice

On Monday morning Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid was absent from the show as Ranvir Singh was forced to step in.

Addressing why the regular host wasn’t presenting the show, Ranvir said: “You might be expecting Susanna, it is a Monday morning and I know she’s watching this morning.

“But, she’s on radio silence.”

Last week, Good Morning Britain viewers would’ve been aware that the host was having trouble with her voice.

However, it appears as though her voice has gotten worse as Susanna was also absent on Monday.

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Ranvir confessed that Susanna was still keen to fulfil her presenting duties despite her illness.

She said: “Late last night, she was sending emails about the show, fully wanting to be here.”

The show then played a video message from Susanna who told her Instagram followers she’d been instructed against going to work.

Susanna said: “Quick update on my voice, which as you can hear is not 100 percent.

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“I feel absolutely fine but the specialist that I saw on Friday said not to risk it until it is better.”

Thanking her colleagues at Good Morning Britain and followers for advice on how to mend her voice, the presenter told fans she’d be back soon.

After the clip, Ranvir said: “Well I want to say get better, I just hope your voice gets better because she’s actually fine in herself.

Agreeing, Ed added: “She’s not been ill, it’s just her voice is gone, it’s so frustrating for her.”

During her video to viewers, Susanna confirmed she didn’t have coronavirus, although it appears her vocal cords have been struck by a mild infection.

Last week, Charlotte Hawkins was forced to step in, the 52-year-old was live from her dressing room to reveal why she’d not be on the show.

Admitting she wasn’t sure why she’d lost her voice, the presenter joked it may have been the heatwave inflaming her vocal cords.

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays on ITV from 6am

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