The hosts on Thursday's programme of Good Morning Britain were discussing the news that Piers Morgan had won the Ofcom case regarding himself and Megan Markle.

Susanna Reid led the discussion by mentioning a tweet the Piers had posted after the positive result for the star.

She began: "Yesterday he tweeted 'does this mean I get my job back?'

"But ITV effectively said 'he's not coming back'."

Political commentator Andrew Pierce asked her: "Are you devastated?"

Susanna said: "Well, it was quite a moment."

Ben Shephard chimed in: "It was though, for everybody involved because we were all here that day as that happened and undoubtedly for Piers and his family too."

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Political journalist Kevin Maguire then added: "And Alex Beresford wth the clash and the walkout. I'm not sure really deep down that Piers would want to come back now."

Susana responded: "He's said he has been inundated with offers so I'm sure he has plenty of things to consider.

"We don't have Piers on the programme this morning but we do have his better half Celia Walden and she has written an absolutely terrific book about a ruthless man in the workplace with whom his colleagues have a love-hate relationship."

The room then erupted into laughter, to which Susanna said: "I mean, honestly, you couldn't make it up."

Andrew then jokingly said: "Imagine being Piers' screen wife is one thing but being his real wife it must be quite a challenge."

Kevin then added a further note about Piers' wife Celia and said: "She's a fantastic journalist, a really good person and I can see how she may have got some hints for the character in the book."

This came after the GMB hosts got caught up in a "super awkward" conversation following female hosts Susanna and Kate Garraway gushing over each other on air.

The discussion between the presenters took place after Kate returned after her summer break, in which Susanna stepped in to fill her place so Kate could have a well-earned family break.

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Susanna cut her own time away short, so she could help out her co-star Kate who has been struggling with her husband Derek's ongoing Covid battle.

Susanna said: "You're a super mum, you're a super wife, you're a super presenter."

To which Kate replied: "Ooooh ok!

"Well, you're a superhero because you broke your holiday to come in so I could have a break with the kids."

But co-star Ben Shephard didn't like all of the gushing chat and stopped the conversation in its tracks.

Ben then chimed in to say: "Can we stop with the 'super' chat?"

Then Susanna snapped back and said: "Sorry, are you feeling left you?"

Ben responded by saying: "There's a little bit too much super mum stuff."

Susanna added: "It's super awkward."

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