Ginny & Georgia: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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In the long-anticipated second season of Netflix’s hit drama, Georgia Miller (played by Brianne Howey) finally opened up about her traumatic past to Mayor Paul Randolph (Scott Porter) before they tied the knot. However, Georgia’s new husband is in for a wake-up call if he ever discovers how her previous two marriages came to an end in the third season of Ginny and Georgia.

Georgia and Paul’s marriage could already be in jeopardy once the truth comes out in season three.

The second season of Ginny and Georgia arrived at the start of this year and lifted the lid on Georgia’s chequered past.

Although Ginny (Antonia Gentry) encouraged her mother to open up about her abusive ex-boyfriend Gil Timmins (Aaron Ashmore), she’s still keeping some key details a secret.

Fans already know the single mother is responsible for the deaths of her first two husbands, Anthony Green (Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll) and Kenny Drexel (Darryl Scheelar).

However, the latest season concluded with Georgia being arrested for another murder after mercifully killing Cynthia Fuller’s (Sabrina Grdevich) terminally ill husband.

Series creator Sarah Lampert has now hinted more of Georgia’s secrets will come to light now Paul’s suspicions have been raised.

When asked if Paul might be regretting the marriage, Sarah maintained: “I don’t think at all yet.

“Or not at all at the moment. He’s calling his lawyer. I think he’s like, ‘This has got to be a mistake.’”

Unfortunately, Paul will soon discover his wife’s arrest was not a mistake, and she could be looking at time behind bars for her actions.

Sarah’s co-writer Debra J. Fisher added: “Exactly. Paul has no idea, the tornado that he is about to walk into.

“He is in full ‘I will get you out of this. I will protect you. This cannot be right’ mode.”

She then teased: “Just wait till he gets slapped with that in season three.”

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While Georgia arguably committed her crimes for perfectly justifiable reasons, three murders will be a tough pill to swallow once Paul unearths the truth.

Although fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that their marriage doesn’t come to an end so soon, the couple will certainly have to have some difficult conversations.

Season three could even begin with the pair temporarily separated while Paul thinks things over before they hopefully reconcile in the coming episodes.

Whatever happens, the writers have promised viewers they won’t know what to expect when and if the third season eventually surfaces.

“Our favourite thing about Paul, too, is presenting this character who you think you know, you think you’ve seen, you think you know what he’s going to do,” Sarah continued.

“And then my favourite thing about that character is he always surprises you. And Scott Porter does such a wonderful job of adding layers to that character, as well.

“He’s a good guy Paul, he’s the mayor, he’s upstanding, he has a privileged background, all these things. And then he proposes after he finds out Zion slept with Georgia.

“He goes through with the marriage after hearing all of this. He’s really there for her kids. So what I love about that character is you think you’ve got him pegged and then he pulls a fast one on you.”

Paul may have a reputation as an upstanding mayor, but could he be about to put his career on the line to make sure his new wife goes free?

Ginny and Georgia seasons 1-2 are available to stream on Netflix.

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