GEMMA Collins makes a sly dig at "easy option" Amber Turner on tomorrow's Towie.

The reality star, 38, made the comments as she urged pal Chloe Sims to forget ex-boyfriend Dan Edgar.

She said: "Dan? Nah, it's a liberty.

"He's always gonna for for the easy option – and that is Amber.

"And you ain't no one's easy option, Chloe!"

The GC's comments come after The Sun Online revealed Dan and Chloe have split for good after calling an end to their whirlwind Towie romance.

One of 28-year-old Dan's close pals explained: "He is very much single."

They insisted: "I am really pleased how things have worked out between them. Dan and Chloe seem happier as just friends.

"I just don’t think it was meant to be. Dan and Chloe get along very well and they refuse to let what’s happened get in the way of their friendship.

"I think Dan just needs to be single for a bit. Chloe seems happy with the situation and has been very supportive to be fair."

The Sun revealed in March how Chloe and Dan, who had been friends for years, had struck up a shock romance in Thailand.

They were worried at the time that their friendship would be wrecked if the romance took a turn for the worse, with a source saying they feared "massive consequences".

The insider said: "Not only is their friendship at risk but Chloe's cousin Joey Essex is Dan's best friend. Joey and Chloe are more like brother and sister than cousins.

"Diags is also best friends with Dan, Joey and Chloe so if things go wrong with Chloe and Dan it will be spell disaster not only for them but for everyone concerned."

But things did indeed take a turn for the worse, with Dan forced to apologise to 36-year-old Chloe for sleeping with ex Amber Turner around the same time he was hooking up her.

The on-off pair had appeared to get their relationship back on track earlier this month after The Sun revealed she would "give him another chance".

But things rarely looked good for the troubled couple, with the pair often involved in fraught showdowns over their relationship on Towie.

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