FORMER EastEnders star Melissa Suffield proudly showed off her curves in a stunning nude lingerie snap.

The 28-year-old mum of one, who played Lucy Beale on the BBC soap, looked more confident than ever after welcoming son River in March last year.

Melissa opted for a gorgeous nude-colored lingerie set as she showcased a make-up-free complexion.

The actress also poked fun at herself, as she wrote: "Actually shaved my legs higher than the ankle to take this photo, so never let it be said that I don’t make an effort."

The mum continued: "Also remind me to find someone 8ft tall to just hang around with me and take photos because I’m digging this new angle for me.

"Feeling very Botticelli painting gal being fed grapes by a flying baby sort of realness, and honestly, who doesn’t want to feel that sort of power? Power poses ftw.

"Also imagine if this was the standard power pose for the Tory party instead of that weird wide apart legs thing they love to do. Imagine they all just got on the floor at party conferences. Probably still look less strange than the wide apart legs. Happy Saturday!"

Melissa gave birth in March last year with fiancé Robert Brendan, 39, a cruise ship director, by her side.

Earlier this month, the TV star posed completely naked in an empowering shot to mark Breastfeeding Week.

The actress opened up to her fans about her breastfeeding journey and revealed she's suffered "horrific" mastitis, and had turned to exclusively expressing her milk with a breast pump and feeding it to River with a bottle.

Explaining her picture, the star continued: "No journey is easy, every feeding method comes with it’s challenges, and it shouldn’t be divisive. 

"That’s me feeding a bottle of breastmilk to River, at about 5 weeks old. We were already EP by that point. 

"I pumped until the day of his first birthday, and as he turns 17 months in a couple of weeks, he’ll have his last pouch of breastmilk from the freezer. I certainly didn’t see that coming, but it was right for us. It would be totally wrong for someone else. And that’s cool."

She added: "Just like, feed your kid, init."

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