The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 holds its grand final tonight (Saturday, May 18) in Tel Aviv, Israel with 26 countries competing for the Eurovision crown. It’s no secret that, throughout Eurovision history, certain countries seem to vote for others not solely based on the performance but arguably through favouritism. Here’s a list of countries who always seem to vote for each other at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Which countries always vote for each other at Eurovision?

UK and Ireland

Eurovision fans in the UK and Ireland have kept up strong ties ever since the latter debuted in the competition in 1965.

The UK competed in the second ever contest way back in 1957.

Ireland, however, waited until the 10th Eurovision song contest eight years later to make its debut.

Since then, the pair both top each other’s respective points given and points received charts.

Ireland has received the most points (322) from the UK in both the semis and finals.

The UK has also received the most points (249) from its neighbour in the same stages.


Cyprus and Greece

The island nation of Cyprus has consistently given Greece high marks and the favour has been reciprocated.

Both countries are based in the Mediterranean in Southern Europe.

Over the 36 times it’s competed, Cyprus has received the most points (400) from Greece in both the semis and finals.

Likewise, over 40 times it’s participated, Greece has been given the highest amount of points (419) from Cyprus.


Sweden, Norway and Denmark

The three Scandinavian countries have made no secret about sharing the highest amount of votes among them.

All three will once again take part in Eurovision in 2019 after progressing through their respective semi-finals.

Sweden has competed in a whopping 59 contests since Eurovision’s inception and has received the most points (411) from Norway.

Denmark’s overall point tally for Sweden (405) isn’t too far behind, however.

Norway has received its highest number of points (268) from Sweden over the course of its 58 entries.

Again, Denmark is the country to provide Norway with its second highest points tally (240).

Denmark itself has received the most amount of points (288) from Sweden.

Norway has, predictably, supplied Denmark with its second highest amount of points (285).


Belarus and Ukraine

The Eastern European nations of Ukraine and Belarus top each other’s tables for most points received and most points received.

Ukraine shares its northern border with Belarus and the geographical proximity of the pair is reflected in the scoring at Eurovision.

Belarus has received the most points (155) from its 16 times in the semis and grand finals from Ukraine.

It’s a similar story for Ukraine which, in its 15 times competing, received its highest overall points (215) total from Belarus.

The Eurovision Song contest 2019 final takes place from 8pm on BBC One on Saturday, May 18.

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