Emmerdale: Meena appears to attack Andrea Tate

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Emmerdale’s Meena Jutla (played by Paige Sandhu) had a close call a few weeks ago as her attempted murder of Victoria Sugden (Isobel Hodgins) nearly landed her in prison, with Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) catching her in the act. However, she managed to silence Andrea by killing her and keeping her dark secret under wraps. Since then, she has made multiple advances to try and kill again but failed each time, but will the ITV soap villain soon set her sights on Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) after she interrupted a date?

During Monday evening’s episode, Meena enjoyed a date with Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle), which was soon interrupted and left her angry.

As Billy walked into The Hide, he told Meena: “Sorry I’m late, couldn’t get rid of my late client.”

Smiling at him, she said: “I ordered some of the good stuff, to thank you for your intervention the other day, someone should tell Amy, aggression is so unattractive.”

Declining her offer of alcohol, Billy opted to grab some water instead, explaining: “I’m actually training right now, and I don’t do alcohol, not during the day.”

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“Boring!” Meena shouted, “Billy, you’re in perfect physical condition, one day off, your regime won’t do you any harm!”

Being stubborn, Billy added: “Yeah well, I shouldn’t,” to which Meena replied: “Drinking alone is like sleeping alone, sad, desperate. Please join me, one glass so I can thank you properly?”

Giving in to her temptations, Billy agreed and said: “Okay, just the one.”

Speaking on the events which occurred last week, Meena began: “I felt so vulnerable, Amy just flew at me.

“I had no idea what I had even meant to have done or why she even thought I could do anything so awful as vandalise Victoria’s home.”

Comforting her, Billy said: “Like I said, I’ve been there before, we both have. People point the finger, but when you’re innocent, it hurts.”

Putting on her manipulation skills, Meena began: “Victoria is a beautiful person, so is David [Metcalfe] (Matthew Wolfenden) I’m happy they found each other.

“Why on earth would I try and hurt either of them?” she asked, to which Billy answered: “I suppose Amy was scared too.

“She came home and found the place trashed,” he went on but Meena soon cut Billy off and said: “Yeah and blamed me?

“Anyway, even if I did care about David, which I don’t, do you think I would ever be so obvious?”

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As they continued their date, Dawn walked in and saw the pair talking and as Meena realised she was there, the villain began playing up their date.

“Look at you now, ridiculously handsome, your own business, you’ve turned it around, Billy.

“I like your energy Billy, all the obstacles you’ve faced, and you’ve not let them hold you back.

 “Just like me, we have so much in common, you and me, it’s uncanny,” to which Dawn gave a shocking look at what she had just heard.

As she settled down at the bar, she shouted across to Billy: “Day drinking? Not like you,” to which Billy smiled shyly and greeted her.

As Meena commented on the mess which she had on her jumper, Billy said: “Lucas still chucking his cornflakes at you?”

Laughing, Dawn replied: “You know what he’s like, sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt, you guys enjoy the most expensive wine on the menu.”

However, keen to keep her attention, Billy asked: “Why don’t you join us? Grab a chair, and I’ll get you a glass?”

Before making any sudden movements, Dawn asked: “Is that okay with you, Meena?” to which she smiled and said: “If Dawn can spare the time?”

As Dawn joined their date, the pair gave one another an awkward smile before Meena’s face turned into annoyance.

Will Dawn interrupting their date put an idea in Meena’s mind?

Could she had just set herself up to be her next victim?

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7pm on ITV. 
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