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Mary Goskirk has caused quite the stir amongst Emmerdale viewers as some seem to think she could possibly "kill" Marlon Dingle.

Although his health seemed to be improving since his life threatening stroke in March, Woolpack chef Marlon suffered another health setback during Tuesday's episode (May 3) when he discovered he had aspiration pneumonia.

Mary was appointed to look after Marlon for the day, while her daughter Rhona returned to work.

But Mary seemed to pass her responsibilities over to Bear Wolf and Liam Cavanagh who decided to take a poorly Marlon to the local allotments for some fresh air.

As the three men were there, they quickly discovered that Marlon was unwell and needed urgent medical attention.

Worried by Marlon's niggling cough, Liam thought it would be best to drive him to the hospital immediately where they discovered that things had taken a turn for the worst.

Due to Mary's lack of care over the last few weeks, fans suspect that things may take an unexpected yet sinister twist.

Taking to Twitter, Emmerdale fans shared their thoughts on Rhona's mother.

One person wrote: "Mary is going to kill Marlon. I can just see it now!"

Another said: "I've got a feeling Mary is going to start abusing Marlon."

A third suspicious viewer penned: "I was thinking is Rhona’s mum trying to kill Marlon."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "Mary’s creepy. Is she planning on offing poor Marlon, I wonder?"

Once news got back to Rhona about Marlon's health she was completely beside herself and quickly rushed to the hospital with her mother in tow.

But the women were even more distraught when they discovered Marlon now has pneumonia.

Mary appeared very apologetic and told Rhona just how sorry she was for letting Marlon outside which Rhona appeared to understand.

However, although Mary seemed very concerned on this occasion her previous actions have proven otherwise.

Rhona and Mary have been in constant disagreements regarding Marlon's health as Mary seemed to think that her daughter has been taking on more than she can chew.

Despite this, veterinary surgeon Rhona put her foot down and told her mum to back off.

But could viewers be right to be suspicious about Mary's behaviour?

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