Emmerdale fans think they have figured out what Cain Dingle and Caleb Milligan are hiding, as they predict a surprising link to another storyline.

In a recent episode, Cain received a mysterious text while in the pub, which led to him asking Caleb to join him on a road trip away from the village.

The pair have since remained rather secretive about where they're going, and why, with Cain telling his brother: "And this goes nowhere, otherwise it all falls apart."

And now fans have suggested that the road trip may be linked to Tom King's stolen car, with the pair either involved in the robbery or attempting to find out who's responsible.

Taking to social media, one viewer suggested: "Cain probably finds out who stole Tom's car and brings Caleb along" while another said: "Think they are going after Tom's car."

However, not everyone believed that the pair have good intentions with their trips, with one predicting: "Cain gonna start nicking flash cars again with caleb like he did with charity #emmerdale"

While another suggesting it may have something to do with their late mother, Faith: "Cain and Caleb’s mystery trip? I’m betting it’s something to do with Faith/their childhood. They hinted at it when they started to get along again – they bonded over Faith"

Elsewhere, fans have been sharing their hopes that Belle Dingle leaves Tom after he lashed out at her after he was 'attacked' and his car was stolen.

As Tom went to a veterinary call-out, he was approached by a thug who demanded the keys to his fancy BMW car.

Tom refused, before another carjacker ran out and pushed him to the floor – causing his head to bleed – and they sped off leaving him lying on the ground.

Tom was found by Belle who called the police – which he seemed less than impressed by.

When the police arrived, PC Swirling told them that car thefts had increased in the area as a result of people showing off their vehicles on social media.

After Belle pestered Tom to go to A&E, he snapped at her and told her to go home and sulk about her day as planned.

He hit the table with his fist as he shouted at her – and fans of the soap are warning Belle not to trust him, with one tweeting: "Something dodgy about Tom to come out. Don’t trust him Belle."

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