VICTORIA Barton will make the brave decision to tell her friends about her traumatic rape ordeal in Emmerdale next week.

The chef – who’s played by Isabel Hodgins in the ITV – will reveal all as her colleague and friend, Marlon Dingle, determines to find out what’s wrong with her.

As he grills her, Marlon – Mark Charnock – is left shocked when Victoria tells him that she was raped back in April following a night out in Hotten with some of the other villagers.

After telling Marlon the truth, Victoria decides to tell her other friends at the pub what happened.

Struggling to find the words to explain what happened with rapist Lee, Victoria tells Matty Barton, Ellis Chapman and Chas and Charity Dingle the events of that fateful night.

After her devastating reveal, Victoria’s friends struggle to take in the news.

Victoria also tells them that she’s pregnant as a result of the rape and is planning on keeping the baby. How will her friends react?

Not well if it’s anything like her brother Robert Sugden – Ryan Hawley – who is furious with his sister when she tells him that she’s not going to have a termination.

Victoria is left heartbroken when Robert tells her that there is no way he’ll be able to support her decision, even though he can see how much pain his words cause her.

Fans were left shaken by hard to watch scenes earlier this month that showed Victoria being raped in her own home by Lee.

They were even more horrified when the sicko sent her a text the next morning, telling her he’d ‘had fun.’

Victoria revealed her ordeal during a special flashback episode where she confided in mother-in-law Moira Barton – Natalie J. Robb.

She’s reported Lee to the police but with no evidence of the crime, it doesn’t look like he’ll face justice for his actions.

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