Emmerdale: Cain talks to Chas in prison

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In recent months, Emmerdale fans have been waiting for barmaid Chas (played by Lucy Pargeter) to get her comeuppance ever since she started her affair with Al Chapman (Michael Wildman). However, to complicate things further, Chas was left heartbroken when Al was shot and killed. Chas believes it was her brother, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) who killed her lover, but in actual fact, it was his son, Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn).

Chas has been left reeling with guilt since Al’s death and with several people knowing about the affair, it is only a matter of time before she gets exposed.

Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) was the first to find out when she saw Chas and Al leaving a hotel together.

Cain, who is currently in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, is also aware of the fling.

Chas’ son, Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) even left the village after discovering his mum’s betrayal.

Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) has also made it her mission to find out who Al was having a fling with in order to get justice for her mum, Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton).

So far, the youngster has come to the wrong conclusion and accused both Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) and Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb) of having an affair with Al.

However, according to Emmerdale’s executive producer, viewers won’t have long to wait for Chas’ secret to come out.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk and other press, Jane Hudson opened up about an “explosive Christmas” in Emmerdale.

She said: “We’ve got Paddy and Chas, who are absolutely in their worst place because the affair has been discovered and they are forced to spend Christmas day together and it does not go well.”

Discussing how Chas and Paddy’s storyline will play out going into the New Year, Jane continued: “We will see Paddy and Chas and how you try to navigate trying to be the best parents when your marriage is falling into pieces when one of you has had an affair.

“We’ll watch them go on their journeys and it will be very serious and quite heartbreaking as we watch what happens what were one of our favourite couples until we tear them apart.”

Another big storyline for the Dingle family is when Cain’s half-brother Caleb Miligan (Will Ash) makes a surprise arrival in the village.

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