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Emmerdale fans are sure they’ve uncovered Amelia Spencer’s ‘real mum’ in hidden hospital scenes this week.

Amelia’s mum Ali was in the ITV soap from 2011 until 2015, and was killed off in an off-screen car crash in April 2018, with her son Sean breaking the tragic news to her family.

But fans now think there could be a twist in store for the struggling teenager, who has been battling body image issues and resorted to ingesting a syrup meant to enhance her curves.

With Amelia set to collapse next week, could she be in for more drama as she discovers Ali was never her biological mum after all, with the introduction of a new character?

On Monday (May 30), Faith Dingle headed off for her first chemotherapy appointment since revealing her breast cancer had returned, and as she settled into the chair, a woman named Lesley entered with her son.

And fans spotted an uncanny resemblance between Lesley and Amelia – hinting the pair could be related.

Even more suspicious, Lesley had a speaking role, which is unusual for extras, as Faith made out that Cain and Chas were simply caught up somewhere and know all about her health battle.

Taking to Facebook, one eagle-eyed fan penned: “Does anyone else think that the chemotherapy patient in tonight's episode looked like Amelia? Wondered if she could be her mum. Her name wasn't showing in credits.”

Another posted: “Probably just an extra although she did have a speaking part which is unusual for extras!”

“Yes I thought that too!” someone else quickly agreed, as another echoed: “Hope not, there’s enough doom and gloom as it is!”

Others thought it could be actress Daisy Campbell’s mum in real life, posting: “Her real mum – features were so similar!”

As someone else followed up: “I wondered why she looked so familiar, and having seen your comment I think you may be right.”

Though the actress isn’t credited for her part in Emmerdale, it would make sense as it seems fame runs in Daisy’s family.

The Leeds-born star has a younger brother, Finley, who has starred in adverts for Sainsbury’s, while her sister Rhona is a National Dance Champion, according to IMDb.

Daisy, meanwhile, has been blowing audiences away with her recent performance as Amelia, who has become obsessed with social media and her appearance after being rejected by Noah Dingle.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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