Emmerdale has recast the role of Dawn Taylor’s young son Lucas, with actor Noah Ryan Aspinall taking over the role.

Noah made his first on-screen appearance as the character during Monday night’s episode on ITV, replacing Dexter Ansell, who had played the character since his introduction on the soap in 2019.

The episode saw Lucas’ father Alex turn up to the village and introduce himself to his son, against mum Dawn’s wishes.

The show hasn’t revealed a reason why the Lucas Taylor actor was replaced, but it’s fairly common for younger actors to be switched out as they get older.

The character last appeared on our screens back in March and fans took to Twitter to comment on the new actor’s first appearance on screen.

One viewer wrote: "Tell me I'm right in thinking they’ve changed actor for Lucas on #Emmerdale that’s def not the same kid? Least this one actually acts and speaks more!"

Another added: "Never mind who you are, who the hell is that Lucas #Emmerdale," as a third chimed in with: "Lucas has had a face, body and personality transplant."

Elsewhere, one user wrote: "WAIT they’ve recast lucas???"

Meanwhile another noted: "A Lucas recast. He’s a foot taller and speaks."

During Monday’s episode, Dawn was left stunned when her son Lucas’ father, Alex, randomly showed up and introduced himself to their child without her permission.

After throwing him out, the two started arguing to which Billy Fletcher spotted the confrontation as he rushed to protect his ex with a menacing Meena watching the commotion behind a tree.

Meena was left furious to see her love interest Billy sticking up for his ex Dawn and she decided to get her revenge later on in the episode.

After Harriet Finch insisted that Alex and Dawn put Lucas first, the two decided to speak privately with Billy watching over as protection.

However, what they didn't realise was that Meena was lurking in the background as she hid behind another tree in order to eavesdrop.

The episode ended with Meena talking to Alex as she pretended that Lucas was in danger from Dawn, Billy and Harriet, lying: "You have to help him, someone has to protect Lucas."

It comes afterEmmerdale released a chilling new Christmas trailer where Manpreet Sharma confronts her "dangerous" and "lying" sister Meena .

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