Emmerdale: Cain talks to Chas in prison

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Emmerdale fans were left worried on Wednesday night after Jimmy King (played by Nick Miles) introduced Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) to the gambling world of poker. After bonding over the game, the duo upped the stakes for real money in the Woolpack. However, viewers were left concerned over the interaction between Vinny and the adrenaline he felt when playing.

During Wednesday’s episode, Mandy was struggling to talk to Vinny on a deeper level and understand how he was feeling.

Wanting to help and make sure he was feeling okay, Jimmy asked: “You alright, Vinny, lad? I mean, are you okay just generally?”

Snapping back, Vinny guessed: “You mean, Mum’s forced you to come peck my head, ‘cos it’s too full-on when she does it?”

Jimmy explained: “Don’t be daft. This is me you’re talking to, not your mother. I was just thinking, it seems a long time since you’ve had a laugh, that’s all.

“I’m talking about you sat in there playing solitaire on your tea break. Not exactly a laugh at the minute, are you?

“How about you try your hand at a real game for a change? If you fancy a proper break instead of just a brew?”

The pair soon set up their card game on an old barrel in the middle of the yard, before Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) joined them.

“You played poker?” he asked, to which Jimmy replied: “I am. Vinny’d be better off playing snap. Sorry mate, looks like I’m about to beat you again!”

However, Vinny proved Jimmy wrong and placed down a full-house, to which Will laughed: “He’s a fast learner.”

Teasing Jimmy, Vinny joked: “And also, Jimmy this… [face] just kind of gives it all away!” before Will tried his luck.

He asked: “Oh, tell you what, why don’t we go down the pub, get comfy, have a few pints, and actually play for a few quid?”

Vinny was more than happy to oblige and said: “Yes, ‘cos I’m freezing!” before the three made their way off.

In the pub, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) clocked on that they were gambling on her watch, before she told Jimmy: “You’re a terrible liar, Jimmy.

“Fine. I don’t actually care what you do. Just make sure you don’t go over a fiver stake, yeah? Because I’ll be getting fined when you lot get caught.”

David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) soon joined their makeshift casino for a few games.

Vinny proved to be an expert at the game after wiping out everyone involved, piquing Mack’s interest: “How did you get so good at this?”

Vinny admitted: “Oh, no, actually I spent a bit of time in casinos before,” to which Mack made things more interesting and upped the stakes after Jimmy suggested hosting another game.

However, as the scenes unfolded, viewers of the show were left worried for the youngster and took to their Twitter accounts to express their concern.

Craig Barker asked: “Is Vinny going to become a gambling addict? #Emmerdale.”

@JamieTVandNews added: “Gambling. What a great idea, considering Vinny has a family history of addiction #Emmerdale.”

@itzzzo_ said: “Promise Mandy that you’ll look after Vinny, don’t think she meant no doubt starting him to having an addiction to gambling. #Emmerdale.”

@TodddyWoddy theorised: “I can see it now. Vinny goes down the path of addiction to cope with his grief of losing Liv. Feel sorry for the poor boy.”

@domain_harry said: “We’re asked to believe that Vinny is a poker shark #emmerdale.” (sic)

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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