EMMERDALE fans are convinced Wendy Posner is going to kidnap Victoria Sugden's baby after she moved into the village and refused to leave.

The midwife – who is played by actress Susan Cookson in the ITV soap – rented out Dale View and gushed to landlord Priya Sharma about how she wanted to be closer to her grandchild.

It forced Aaron Dingle into drastic action, by smashing her windows and trying to terrorise her into leaving Victoria alone.

But tonight that backfired and Wendy's son Luke decided to move into the village to protect his mum from Aaron's revenge.

In a fiery clash in the pub Wendy told Victoria and Aaron: "I'm sorry I respect how you feel but I live here too now so you're going to have to get used to seeing me around."

Viewers know Wendy is still convinced her son Lee is innocent of raping Victoria.

She blames his death on Victoria labelling him a rapist for what he did and thinks she should have contact with the baby.

Next week Victoria will fear she's gone into early labour and be trapped with Wendy.

It has fans convinced Wendy is going to try to kidnap the baby from Victoria.

One wrote: "Bet you Wendy kidnaps Victoria’s baby when the baby is born! Watch out Victoria!!"

A second said: "I think Victoria should be very careful when she has the baby because I can see Wendy kidnapping the baby."

Another added: "Chas should stay clear of her & have Aaron's back who isn't coping well. Chas can have all the sympathy she wants for Wendy but I think she could turn dangerous especially when Victoria has the baby."

* Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm with an extra episode airing at 8pm on Thursday

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