EMMERDALE fans are convinced Victoria Barton will get pregnant after her brutal rape – and give the baby to Robert and Aaron.

The soap is in the middle of a harrowing storyline that sees Victoria attacked after the big night out, but fans think some happiness could come out of it.

One person guessed on Twitter: "#emmerdale so Vic will be pregnant? Won't want her baby? Robron will adopt the baby?"

Another suggested: "#emmerdale #robron my theory on what happens after the "night out" story: Victoria gets pregnant and lets Aaron and Robert raise the baby"

And one more fan surmised: "Victoria raped. Get's pregnant. Keeps baby. Robert and Aaron adopt the baby."

However, chef Victoria always wanted to be a mum which could give her an even bigger dilemma if she hands over the baby.

Victoria was attacked by vile Lee, who was one of the two men she briefly talked to in the club.

It has since emerged that the actor playing her rapist has previously served a sentence for “supplying a Class C date rate drug”.

The Sun Online exclusively revealed how the actor who plays Lee, Kris Mochrie, served time in prison for supplying a date rape drug GHB and perverting the course of justice.

Former Brookside star Kris Mochrie was sentenced to prison for two years – later reduced to 18 months on appeal.

The actor was accused of spiking a friend with GHB – a class C drug – causing him to collapse in a nightclub, before accusing two innocent female students of spiking the drink.

A few hours later another woman died in the club and a major police investigation was launched with fears a drink spiker was at large, partly because of Mochrie's lies.

The woman's death was later discovered to be by natural causes.

He eventually admitted lying and pleaded guilty to supplying GHB and perverting the course of justice at Hull Crown Court.

An Emmerdale spokeswoman declined to comment.

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