Emmerdale: Diane reveals an exit plan to Gabby

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Diane Sugden (played by Elizabeth Estensen) will be making a dramatic exit from Emmerdale next week. On the soap, Diane has shared her desire to move to Portugal to start a new life and wants her granddaughter Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham)  to move with her once her baby is born. However, when Gabby goes into labour unexpectedly on the day they a meant to depart, will Diane end up kidnapping the newborn to keep her away from Kim Tate (Claire King)? 

Gabby has not had the easiest of pregnancies thus far, with next week looking to become a lot more traumatic for the mum-to-be. 

Gabby, who is carrying Jamie Tate’s (Alexander Lincoln) baby, has been planning to make a secret escape with Diane. 

In scenes to air next week, Gabby finally snaps back at Jamie’s mother Kim to warn her she won’t be part of her baby’s life. 

However, when Gabby starts packing her suitcase for her escape with Diane she suffers from excruciating pains in her stomach. 

When she tries to heave her suitcase out of Home Farm, she crumples to the floor in agony and starts going into labour. 

But no one is around to help and her phone is out of battery – and to make matters worse, she is in complete darkness due to a power cut. 

With Diane wondering what has been delaying Gabby, will she go out looking for her and find her in time to call an ambulance?

If she manages to find Gabby, will she accompany her to the hospital to make sure she and the baby are OK? 

Diane has made it clear she also wants to keep the grandchild-to-be away from the clutches of Kim, so she could find herself pushed to extremes to make sure Kim isn’t part of their life. 

It comes amid Gabby’s fears that Kim, the grandmother of her unborn child, will attempt to gain full custody of her baby – with the baby’s father Jamie still missing and presumed dead.

Could Diane decide to do the unthinkable and kidnap Gabby’s baby while she recovers from the birth? 

Discussing her exit from the soap Elizabeth, who plays Diane, told Digital Spy: “I think she wants to have a fresh start. 

“She’s worried for Gabby too. Gabby is the first grandchild and she sees Gabby is in the clutches of Kim, particularly since she has been pregnant.

“Kim is ready to pounce and I think Diane feels rather protective. They are both keeping their planned trip to Portugal very quiet from others.”

Reflecting on playing Diane, Elizabeth said: “Being in a soap is very different from other types of acting work. 

“There isn’t a beginning, a middle and an end like you would have in a play. It feels like I’ve been involved with lots of different jobs that have all joined together, but for which I’ve been playing the same character.

Of course, on a soap making so many episodes a week, we don’t get to rehearse either. 

“That in itself can be tricky, especially if you have big emotional scenes to play.

“The programme has changed a lot over the years, but gosh I have loved it. I can’t believe the stories that I’ve done. Extraordinary, just so varied. I feel very lucky. I have loved working with such fabulous people.”

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7pm on ITV.

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