Spoilers for EastEnders indicate a big week for Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Alfie (Shane Richie) and the Panesar family as high drama ensues.

Freddie (Bobby Brazier) helps Alfie with an extravagant flower display for Kat but things take a turn for the worse when she finds out where the flowers have come from. She later joins him in The Vic but is left speechless when a young woman enters the pub to remind Alfie he is getting married tomorrow. As Alfie tries to explain that the young woman is not his fiancé, he offers to bring Kat to meet his real bride to be and learn the truth. When Kat realises what is really going on she suggests that they hold the wedding in the Vic and the planning begins in earnest.

After their night together, Jay (Jamie Borthwick) is hurt when Lola (Danielle Harold) pushes back on his idea to tell Lexi (Isabella Brown) about their reunion. He later gifts her a necklace, but as they embrace she is worried they may be spotted.

Howie (Delroy Atkinson) starts his first day as a postman, delivering bills to an anxious Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) who feels she can’t ask Denise (Diane Parish) for help with money. She later admits to using Jack (Scott Maslen) and Denise’s washing machine because she can’t afford to fix her broken one. A concerned Jack offers her some money. When Denise arrives, he suggests Chelsea rents the rooms in her house but Denise is concerned by their closeness.

Amy (Amelie Conway) and Denzel (Jaden Ladega) have bunked off of school to be together and are mortified when Chelsea catches them. Amy pleads for Chelsea not to tell Jack. Chelsea covers for Amy as Denzel makes a secret exit. Later Denzel tells Amy he’d like to be exclusive. The pair are then interrupted by Nugget (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury), Lily (Lilia Turner) and Tommy (Sonny Kendall ) who mock Amy when she reveals she is with Denzel, leaving them both hurt and embarrassed.

Ravi (Aaron Thiara) suggests to an agitated Suki (Balvinder Sopal) that he should take the business meeting with Harpreet but she refuses. During the meeting, Harpreet asks about working with Ranveer – implying that Suki has had to sacrifice her morals to do business with him. Overwhelmed, she bolts out the door in panic. Noticing Suki in distress, Eve (Heather Peace) sneaks away from a date to comfort her. Empowered by Eve’s support, Suki charms Harpreet who instantly wants to do business with her, offering to fly her to Mumbai the next day. Later Suki thanks Eve for her advice, and they passionately kiss.

Later in the café, Eve tells an a stressed Vinny (Shiv Jalota) about Suki leaving for Mumbai. Picking up on his relief, she asks him to encourage Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) and Kheerat (Jaz Deol) to support Suki and later encourages Kheerat to see his mum before she leaves. Ravi overhears Stacey (Lacey Turner) mention that Hope’s birthday party is cancelled and offers to host it at Walford East.

However, unknown to most of the Panesars, Suki’s husband Nish (Navin Chowdhry) has been a released from prison and his arrival in Walford sends Vinny into a spin.


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