BILLY Mitchell’s young son Will’s life is in mortal danger in EastEnders tonight when he accidentally gets involved in Ben Mitchell’s murder plan.

While Ben plots a grisly way to get interfering Billy out of the way, he’s pleased with himself when he overhears dad Phil talk to Billy about a small job he needs doing later.

Ben is chuffed as it means he knows exactly where Billy will be – and tells his hitman friend that the con is on.
Unfortunately for the EastEnders villain, as Ben makes preparations for the killing to go ahead, Honey asks Billy if he can pick their kids – Will and Janet – up from school.
Billy – who’s still trying to win Honey back from creepy, cheating dentist Adam – is only too happy to help.
However, things start to unravel for Ben when he learns that Will has gone on the job with Billy, meaning he’s in the firing line of the hitman too!
At this point, Ben’s plan is in full swing when he hears about Will and he rushes to find them.
Will he get there on time – or is poor Will going to become collateral damage in Ben’s plot to bring Phil down?EastEnders fans were left shocked after Tuesday night’s episode where Ben was seen handing a wad of cash over to a dodgy character.

After overhearing Billy tell Phil about his vicious scheme in the Arches, Ben set to work to get rid of his uncle once and for all.
The character, played by Max Bowden, initially had fans thinking that he was meeting a mystery man for sex after he received a text message and told his
friends "booty calls".

His brother, Jay Brown, warned Ben to be safe as he told him "I hope it's not an axe murderer" – and it was only when the scene cut to Ben in an alleyway
with the killer that Jay's words got a whole new meaning.

Handing over a huge wad of cash, Ben told the assassin: "I want blaze of glory, the more tragic better."
He added: "Since when did hitmen become so sexy?"

The man asked: "Who's the lucky recipient of my services?"

Ben then pointed out Billy, who was walking down the street while tucking into some chips.
Ben remarked: "That stuff will kill you, Bill."

Billy replied: "Like you care."
Shouting out, his cruel nephew continued: "Just one Mitchell looking after another."
He then added: "Night, night Bill."

Furious fans flocked to social media to slam Ben's evil plan, with one writing: "Is Ben going to kill Billy? WTF, evil little s**t."
Another added: "If Ben kills Billy I am going to lose my absolute S**T."
A third quipped: "As if Ben is going to Kill Bill."

  • EastEnders is on BBC One tonight at 7.30pm

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