ONE EastEnders fan has highlighted an incredible new theory which could see Cindy Beale at the heart of the explosive Christmas Day murder.

Soap land was left shocked when Michelle Collins reprised her role as the iconic Cindy more than 20 years after she was supposed to have died during childbirth.

BBC viewers were stunned when the blonde bombshell made her way back to Walford alongside hubby Ian as they marked the turning of a new dawn for Albert Square.

Cindy had been keeping many secrets during her time away but has so far begun to nestle back into East End life with relative ease.

Now a soap fanatic has given their theory as to how Cindy finds herself implicated in the hotly-anticipated The Six storyline – without being one of The Six!

Writing at length, they theorised that Cindy and her arch-enemy Kathy could end up coming together to play a huge role in the murder after picking up on a series of 'clues'.

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They said: "I have come to the conclusion that Cindy and Kathy are going to play interchangeable roles in the Christmas murder, and it is all down to the colour of their clothes in recent episodes."

It was pointed out that Kathy seldom buys new clothes but as of recently she appears to be sporting new outfits outside of her staple wardrobe.

Some clever match-making also revealed that Cindy had been adopting the same colour clothes as Kathy which the fan claims is a huge hint.

Writing about the importance of the colour of clothing for The Six, they penned: "We’ve talked before about how important the colours of The Six are, and have speculated loads about how a seventh person wearing another colour may be involved. However, I don’t think this will be the case for Cindy…

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"I think Cindy will wear purple. Not just purple, but the exact same dress as Kathy.

"I’ve said before that I think Kathy’s dress looks the most like a bridesmaids dress, and given that she was best friends with Sharon’s mum Angie, they have a connection which would make sense for Kathy to be her bridesmaid.

"But what if Cindy and Sharon grow close in the coming weeks and Cindy ends up also being a bridesmaid? This would put Cindy and Kathy, two blonde characters, in exactly the same outfit and potentially the same hairstyle."

The fan theory then takes a turn as they suggested that Cindy and Kathy, if dressed the same, would be able to act as an alibi for one another if it was one of those two who committed the crime.

Kathy opted for a new blouse the day she first ran back into Cindy whilst both ladies were wearing new green outfits during a recent episode of the soap.

But who would Cindy and Kathy want to murder on Christmas Day?

Continuing their thoughts, they said: "Now the ‘paradox’ element of the theory comes from the fact that Cindy and Kathy despise each other, so why would they want to help each other out? Could they both end up being wronged by Ian?

"The fact that Ian was seen drinking champagne from the cursed Christmas bottle in tonight’s ep doesn’t bode well for him, let’s be honest."



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So could a brutal change of feeling see the Square's two rivals team up to take down the one they both profess to love the most?

EastEnders will air the culmination of its The Six storyline on Christmas Day.

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