EASTENDERS fans are left in shock as Whitney decides to plead GUILTY to murdering Leo King.

After witnessing Mick collapse in court due to yet another panic attack, Whitney had enough and decided she would confess to the murder of the evil stalker, despite killing him in self-defence.

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On Thursday, Gray, Whitney's lawyer, lost his cool in court and yelled that Whitney would kill Leo again if she had the chance, seemingly painting heras a cold-blooded killer.

Still reeling from his comments, Whitney was joined by Sonia in an empty courtroom and told her the judge informed the jury to disregard Gray's comments.

Sonia encouraged Whitney to keep going and ensured her that Mick will help the jury see that she is innocent when he testifies.

Meanwhile, an apprehensive Mick threatened to tell the truth and say he paid Whitney a visit saw Leo dead on the floor and didn't report it.

However, Linda warned that he needs to stick to his statement otherwise he would be perverting the courts of justice.

The former Queen Vic landlord took to the stand later and was immediately put under pressure when he was grilled about Whitney being his former lover.

The questions continued and Mick continued to buckle, started to find trouble breathing and his vision became hazy.

It was all too much for the father-of-five, as he collapsed, falling in heap, which shocked the court.

Back in the Square, Whitney invited her lawyer to the café to talk about the case, but she didn't have much hope that her fortunes would change.

She said: "What is the point? I'm going to prison I'm not gonna drag anyone else down with me.

"I have been there, I have stood in that court and I've said what I've had to say, and I've seen it in people's faces nobody believes me absolutely no-one believes me! So I may as well just get it over with."

A worried Sonia asked: "What do you mean 'get it over with'?

To which a nervous Whitney replied: "I'm gonna plead guilty."

Fans flocked to Twitter after the shocking revelation, which is sure to send shockwaves through Albert Square.

One fan tweeted: "OMG No Whitney don't do it you don't deserve to go to prison for what you did it was self defence and Leo was a monster please don't throw your life away!"

While another viewer posted: "NOOOOO Whitney! you didn’t do anything wrong."

A third user penned: "Noooooo don't do it Whitney. Powerful acting from @ShonaBM tonight".

This fourth fan added: "Someone help Whitney, she needs a break already."

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