Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), the character who has famously been played by a number of different actors, has been slammed by EastEnders viewers.

Fans have been sharing their distaste over the character going back to his murderous roots – and it looks like he’s about to strike again.

After a feud growing between Ben and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) shared his fears to Phil.

Telling Phil he believed Ben was after him, Phil gushed to Ben over Billy’s loyalty – and it appears to have sat the wrong way with Ben.

Instead of talking through with Billy, Ben’s heading straight to the endgame, and it looks like he’s trying to kill him off. 

Meeting with a sleezy character, Ben talks to a new man, to tell him: “This is exactly what I’m after.

“I want it to be tragic.”

The mystery man responded: “I like it, dodgy little back alley.” 

“When did hitmen become so sexy?”

Ben Mitchell

In a bid to turn up the heat, Ben responded: “When did hitmen become so sexy?”, as he handed over an envelope of cash.

He quickly chirped: “He should be here any second”, as Billy waltzed down the street.

As it appeared Ben’s plans to hire a hitman was to bump of Billy, users quickly flooded in to share their thoughts. 

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Looks like Ben wants to get rid of Billy.” 

Another added: “If Ben kills Billy I will f*****g lose my absolute s**t.”

A third fan chirped: “Knew Ben was going to do something to Billy, but I wasn’t expecting him to hire a f*****g hitman.” 

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