Death In Paradise: Josephine Jobert shares 'apocalypse' rainfall

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Death in Paradise returned to BBC One in January for its 10th season. As always, there were famous faces cropping up left, right and centre, including funny man and presenter Jason Manford. Despite some viewers initially doubting his acting abilities, many were impressed with what he had to offer in the episode.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Death in Paradise.

Will Jason Manford return to Death in Paradise?

In season 10, episode three, Craig (played by Jason Manford) and his wife Danielle (Faye McKeever) travelled to Saint Marie to visit their friends Gavin (Kelvin Fletcher) and Cherry (Laura Aikman).

They had won the lottery and were now living the high life in a luxurious villa on the island.

Things quickly turned sour though as while Gavin and Cherry appeared happy, they had a massive row that evening.

Cherry’s body was then found after she supposedly fell off the balcony.

But the mystery continued as when DI Neville Park (Ralf Little) and the team arrived, the body had disappeared.

It later showed up again but this time the body was out to sea, caught up in fishing nets.

By the end of the episode, it was revealed Cherry had planned to fake her own death to get back at Gavin.

When Danielle discovered this sick plan, she ended up murdering Cherry herself.

This may have been a shocking twist in the tale but what really caught fans’ attention was Manford’s acting ability.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “Some of the best ‘disbelief’ acting I’ve seen in a long time. Get him a guest spot like now! @JasonManford.”

A second tweeted: “Had my doubts when I saw you were going to be in an episode of my favourite TV show. How wrong was I!!!

“You were excellent and you played the part incredibly well and you should be proud of yourself. Also I had you down as the killer as well. Excellent work.”

After reading such reviews, Manford took to social media to respond to the idea of returning to the comedy-drama.

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Manford jokingly posted: “Guys I think the public have spoken, @deathinparadise.

“I’m thinking Craig comes back as a jet ski instructor next season, newly single and loving life. Me @kelvin_fletcher get drunk one night and….well, I’m not giving you all my ideas.”

There has since been no confirmation that Manford will be back for season 11.

However, it wouldn’t be completely out of the question seeing as he was neither killed or the murderer.

Typically, guest stars don’t return to Death in Paradise following their episode.

The show has new actors brought in for every new investigation, helping to keep it fresh.

The only actor to have returned is actor Little who played a suspect in season two, years before he would be back as the detective.

But seeing how his performance went down a treat with fans, there is always the chance of a comeback.

Death in Paradise is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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