Dan Walker responded to a BBC Breakfast fan who called out "cringey" long pauses on the programme.

The 44-year-old host who has been a firm fixture on the morning show since 2016, set the record straight after a viewer asked a question about silent moments while handing over to the local news.

Having bags of experience, Dan was well prepared to reply to the inquisitive fan on Twitter.

The question read: "@mrdanwalker Hi Dan why the pregnant pause when you would normally transfer to the local news?

Adding: "It's cringing. Cheers."

Louise Minchin's partner in crime admitted to the online user that it was "a fair point" in his reply.

Happy to answer, Dan explained: "Good question.

"We have to pause for a second to allow the different nations of opt out of our output.

"They switch to their own show while we have the weather with Carol."

It seemed as though the owner of the question had been grateful for a reply.

"Makes sense and thanks for the reply. Have a good day," chirped the person who originally penned the tweet.

Meanwhile, Dan who is being supported by Sally Nugent while Louise is away on a family holiday to Wales, experienced a red faced moment on Tuesday's programme.

A blunder occurred when the pair were supposed to be cutaway before the next segment had began.

After realising things were not running to plan, Sally jumped in: "You're watching BBC Breakfast," as Dan began to laugh in the background.

Apologising, Dan explained that he thought the cameras would be moving on to Carol and not them.

The Sports reported added: "Ok, let's go to Carol. We were talking about Carol so we might as well go straight to her."

With the meteorologist now in focus, she too began to chuckle as the error played out.

Dan said: "Sally was doing full formalities there, Carol."

Hitting back, Carol told the father-of-three: "Sally can do no wrong in my eyes."

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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