To celebrate Halloween, the Criterion Channel is unleashing a smorgasbord of great 1970s horror for you to stream. Titles from Tobe Hooper, George Romero, Wes Craven, Brian De Palma, David Cronenberg, and more are included, along with lower-budget affairs like The Diller Killer and It’s Alive. There’s something for everyone here: vampires, witches, body horror, serial killers, Donald Sutherland, even troglodytes. And now there’s a new trailer to announce the impending arrival of the films.

Criterion Channel ’70s Horror Trailer

Are the 1970s the best decade for horror? I’m sure that’s debatable, but it’s definitely one of the best decades. Horror – when done well – always reflects the era it exists in, and in the ’70s, people were still reeling from the turbulent 1960s, with the Vietnam War very much still a reality. As a result, the horror of the era is often loaded with heavy themes and violence that was – at the time – quite shocking.

And now, The Criterion Channel is bringing 29 of those movies together for October (well, technically 28 – one of them doesn’t arrive until November, so I’m not entirely sure why Criterion included it on this list) in order to help with your Halloween season movie marathon. Here’s how they’re describing the collection:

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