CALLED to fill in on the presenter's seat, Colin Murray has been eagerly taking charge in Countdown.

Speaking to Belfast Live, the radio and TV presenter has shared his pointers to fans of the game show who may find it complicated.

The 45-year-old has made it clear – he doesn't intend to drop his spot in Countdown so easily.

"It's a job personally from my point of view that I'd never give it up if I had it permanently, they'd have to drag me out of the studio. Channel 4 could close down and I'd still turn up!", he said.

A passionate host of the Channel 4 program, Colin is just as dedicated to the game he has learned to understand.

And for those at home who may think it's too hard to follow, the radio DJ has a few tips that could make things easier.

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"For the easily distracted like me, Countdown is a great show because it's just these 30-second games and you're on to the next one, so how many shows can say it's got 15 rounds, one after the other? So I love it, for me, it's my perfect quiz show", he first stated.

The Dundonald star added: "People out there should know if you're doing the letters, if you think you can only get fours and fives, the people that are getting six, seven and eight [letter words] aren't that clever…it's endings!"

"It's -ing, -er, -ation, -ed, look for endings first folks, that's how I do it."

Colin went on, amused: "A good way to play it at home, three charts, challenger, champion and you and do the points as a three-way game, that's what I do, how nerdy is that?"

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The Irish man made his Countdown debut in July, 2022, taking the helm from Anne Robinson, who left the show amid rumours of a rift with her co-star Rachel Riley.

He confirmed he'd be a temporary presenter in May, 2022, confirming mounting speculation, after appearing as a guest presenter in 2020 and 2021.

But how will it all play out for Colin?

"As it stands, I was meant to do until the end of October and then they have a big 30th Anniversary in November so they're doing specials for that, and then I'm coming back to do up until the end of February so anything after that is in the lap of the TV Gods", he told Belfast Live.

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"I'm pretty sure if Richard Osman says he wants to do it I'm out, but I can only hope that nobody more talented wants to do it."

Countdown airs on weekdays at 2.10pm on Channel 4.

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