Coronation Street's Max Turner is set to become embroiled in a revenge porn storyline next week.

He's had his fair share of divisive plots as of late, including outing teaching assistant Nicky Wheatley as a former sex worker and accidentally spiking Amy Barlow's drink in an attempt meant for teacher Daniel.

But things seemed to have taken a more positive turn for the teenager after he met new girl Sonya and began flirting with her online… or did he?

Next week, Max prepares to head on a date with his new beau, but receives a message from Sonya asking him to send a picture of his entire package so she can see what to expect.

A stunned Max returns home and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

But when they head out for dinner together, Sonya is perplexed as she reveals that she has never received any messages from Max, nor sent any back to him. Both teens are horrified to discover someone has set them up.

Outside, Max's phone pings with a message, demanding he hands over £1,000 or his naked picture goes viral.

After dishing all to David, his dad tells him they won't be paying Max's blackmailer, and he'll simply have to go to school and tough it all out.

But when Max gets to the bus stop, Chris and Blake are there, already mocking Max and quoting his messages to Sonya.

Is it possible the bullies have been behind the messages all along?

Max isn't the only one having problems next week, as a despondent Tim admits to Sally that the change in his heart medication hasn't had any effect on their ailing sex life.

Worried their sex life is over for good, Tim's not reassured when Sally tells him she loves him no matter what. Dr Gaddas recommends the pair see a sex therapist, but Tim isn't keen.

Trina conducts the first sex therapy session, encouraging the married pair to gaze into each other's eyes. Tim feels awkward about the whole thing, and declares it a total con and waste of time, leaving his wife disappointed.

Later, nurse Aggie confides in Tim that she and Ed have had a stupid row. But, late for a lunch date with Sally, Tim sadly doesn't have time to listen to her.

Sally and Tim decide to pretend it's their first date all over again, but Tim's distracted to hear Ed telling Ronnie and Debbie about rowing with Aggie.

Fed up of being ignored, Sally heads home.

But could this be the end for the Metcalfes?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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