EMMERDALE’s Todd Grimshaw uses Paul Foreman’s abuse history against him in a sick scheme in upcoming scenes. 

Todd has been determined to cause trouble between his ex Billy and Paul ever since he arrived back on the cobbles back in August. 

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The newcomer managed to drive a wedge between the couple when he persuaded a drunk Paul to dance around in Billy’s religious robes – much to the vicar’s horror. 

And upcoming scenes of Corrie will see Todd step his plan up a notch as he gets Paul to hand him the keys to his flat by saying his shower isn't working.

Todd uses the opportunity to have a snoop around but when Billy returns home unexpectedly, he’s sceptical of Todd’s reason for being there.

Later in the week, Billy assures Todd that it’s fine for him to come and visit Summer at the flat. 

Todd is convinced he’s done what he needs to do to win Billy’s trust. 

Later in the week, Todd calls on Paul when he learns he’s skived off work. 

As Todd makes himself comfy and opens a lager, Paul admits he found it tough on the helpline last night.

After a few cans with Todd, Paul begins to relax but is caught off guard by a sudden reminder of Kel. 

Todd senses Paul is uneasy and reminds him he can trust him with his worries. 

Later in the week, Todd tries to ingratiate himself with Paul further by suggesting he’d like to sign up as a volunteer for the helpline.

Billy admits he’s suspicious of Todd’s motives, but Paul brushes off his concerns and offers to accompany Todd when he gets an email from the helpline inviting him for a chat. 

When Paul takes a call from a distressed child called Will at the centre, he gets overly invested in the child’s case and agrees to hand over his phone number. 

Later, Todd quizzes Paul about Will after listening to their exchange. 

Things worsen for Paul when he agrees to meet up with Will later in the week.

Might Todd get Paul in trouble for breaking the rules?

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