ZEEDAN Nazir's troubles are far from over as his ex-wife Marrium will be at the core of a new family conflict.

In recent weeks, Qasim Akhtar's character has been tormented by his former father-in-law Hashim, which will leave him at odds with his sister Alya.

While he hoped for a fresh start by returning to the cobbles, Zeedan was shocked to realise that his past was only going to catch up with him as Hashim (Vincent Ebrahim) set out to make his life a living hell.

Marrium and Zeedan tied the knot in 2020 but when he returned to Weatherfield in September 2021, it was revealed that he had cheated on her and they had separated.

Furious with Zeedan for breaking Marrium's heart and stealing £50,000 of his money to help his sister Aly and grandmother Yasmeen, Hashim followed him to Weatherfield.

He then proceeded to demand that Zeedan launder money out of Speed Daal to pay him back.

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But when Speed Daal's van went missing with some of Hashim's money, he urged Zeedan to set fire to the restaurant in order to claim insurance money.

Zeedan agreed and let Hashim's sons – who previously attacked him on the streets – set the restaurant on fire.

However, Alya (and Ryan) quickly found out what he had done.

When Hashim collapsed while attempting to intimidate Zeedan and Alya once again, the siblings had very different reactions.

While the former ran to the nearest phone to call an ambulance, the latter convinced him to wait and let Hashim die of his heart attack.

The attack did prove to be fatal, thus allowing Zeedan and Alya to pin the Speed Daal fire on Hashim and his sons.

However, on December 13, Marrium was the latest member of her family to make it to the Cobbles.

Upon her arrival in Weatherfield, Marrium (Kiran Landa) went on to question her ex-husband but he failed to tell her about the money-laundering arrangement.

Although he tries to reassure Alya (Sair Khan) by telling her Marrium will be leaving for London soon – while his sister, grandmother Yasmeen and Stu prepare the restaurant for its reopening – Zeedan spends a lot of time with his ex-wife.

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Both characters soon become aware of their lingering feelings for one another and as Marrium sets out to leave, the pair share a kiss in Victoria Garden, admitting they will miss each other.

Admitting he is still in love with her, Zeedan suggests that they give their marriage another chance, to which Marrium agrees.

She even contemplates moving to Manchester to make it work.

However, in a brand new Coronation Street episode scheduled to air on ITV on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, Alya will not be giving the lovebirds her blessing.

Following their confession to their grandmother Yasmeen, who makes a shocking discovery about their deeds, Zeedan and Alya are hit with dire consequences.

Word of this gets back to Marrium and she demands to know what is going on.

Knowing he would have to tell her the ugly truth about the money-laundering, Zeedan refuses and she takes offence.

Marrium goes as far as to tell Zeedan that their marriage will never be stable if he can't be honest with her.

Terrified of losing the woman he loves, Zeedan turns to Alya, claiming that he could lose her for good unless he comes clean.

But instead of reassuring him, Alya only adds to the stress, desperate for her family's problems to be solved once and for all.

She gives Zeedan a chilling ultimatum, stating that he's also in danger of losing his family.

Who will he decide to side with?

How will Marrium react to the truth?

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