Coronation Street fans think they know what Max Turner is plotting after he found out that his friends had catfished him.

His recent storyline in the ITV soap saw him send a nude Shona after he received a text asking for a glimpse at the ‘whole package’.

He was preparing for their date at the time, but took a moment to send a snap and viewers saw him unbuttoning his shirt.

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Max and Shona later sat down for dinner together.

However, a confused Shona told him that she had never received a text from him and hadn’t replied to any claimed to have been sent.

The young couple put two and two together before realising that Max had been targeted by an evil prankster.

Just minutes later, Max’s phone received a message from the blackmailer who gave him a choice: give them £1,000 or the naked picture is released.

Fans of the show have been shaken by the unexpected storyline and have set about speculating on what could happen next.

Some have guessed that he is being taunted by a group of friends he was recently seen conversing with.

The gang admitted to being behind the cruel game after they quoted his text messages back to him and caused a fight to break out.

During the punch up, Shona attempted to disband the violence but was accidentally hit in the face during the process.

Max has a troubled past and avid viewers think they can predict what is going to happen next, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

An invested fan wrote: “Yeah, Max is going to kill them at some point.”

Another also speculated: “Oh dear, Max is going to become a psycho now!”

One angrily tweeted: “I don’t like Max, but even I’d love it if he finished off these two t****!”

However, some thought there may be a simpler way of dealing with the trolls and called on him to “report the catfishing g***s to the cops,” while another just wondered why he didn’t black mail them back by “telling the police who did it”.


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