CORONATION Street fans are heartbroken for Carla Connor after Peter Barlow prioritised helping Abi Franklin over her.

The former factory boss – who is played by actress Alison King in the ITV soap – asked Peter to reconsider trying to save his ex so much and get someone else to help her.

But after stopping Abi from taking morphine once, he was convinced he was the only one who could help her.

Why is this your problem and not Kevin’s? You think this is a good idea. Help from you? It wasn’t so long ago she was flipping a lid over you.

I’ve been there and you helped me and I fell for you. What makes you think Abi’s going to be any different? I’m serious Peter.

Later as Peter had repeatedly gone back to help Abi, Carla tackled him again.

“Peter just be careful OK," she said.

"You can’t go around fixing every bird you find with a broken wing. And Abi has had a crush on you and she’s vulnerable. If you start helping her then… and so it begins.”

But with that Abi called and Carla looked devastated.

Seemingly wiping away a tear, Carla just nodded as Peter told her he knew what he was doing.

But fans were heartbroken for her that Peter didn’t listen to her concerns.

One wrote:  "REALLY feel for Carla, given the past, this must be so hard for her. Especially when she’s just sat their watching. But she is being a good person and letting him even though she hates it. Bless her."

A second said:  "Not Corrie trying to make me cry with it looking like Carla’s gonna cry."

Another added: "Carla’s breaking my heart a bit, why can her and Peter never be happy in peace?"

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