The Dingles of Emmerdale are very much about family and will do almost anything to look after each other if one of them is wronged or in trouble. This does not, however, extend to members of the family who are pretending not to be members of the family because they’re involved in a secret plot.

At Christmas Cain (Jeff Hordley) was shocked when Caleb (William Ash), the long-lost brother he knew he had but pretended he hadn’t, turned up in the village and wanted to get to know his family. Caleb was fairly quickly embraced by the wider Dingle family, including his sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter), who he now lives with.

Viewers, of course, know that Caleb has a secret agenda to take all of Kim Tate (Claire King)’s money and worldly goods as revenge for her part in the death of his father Frank Tate.

He also has a secret son, Nicky (Lewis Cope), who came to Home Farm as Thomas’s nanny but is currently undertaking the far more demanding job of being Gabby (Rosie Bentham)’s fiancé. His role is to stitch up any of Frank’s assets that might now be in Thomas’s name by being officially Thomas’s guardian. Something like that, anyway – the specifics are a bit unclear.

Nicky is proving to be a bit of a loose cannon as far as Caleb is concerned and almost ruined the whole plan by getting caught trying to steal an expensive car that Cain was working on. This incident was smoothed over at the time, but in Tuesday (May 9)’s episode we saw that Cain most certainly hasn’t forgotten about it – and doesn’t trust Nicky one inch.

While Nicky and Gabby were sitting outside the Woolpack, Cain came out. Nicky nervously suggested going somewhere else. As Cain continued to stare at Nicky, Gabby couldn’t help but get involved. ‘What’s your problem?’ she said to Cain. When he replied and accused her of ‘mouthing off,’ Nicky warned him that he needed to learn some manners.

‘And you need to find somewhere else to drink,’ Cain told him. ‘You’re barred.’ Dingle pub, Dingle rules, apparently.

When Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) heard about this he was fuming and stomped round to Cain’s garage to have a go. He said that he could open another garage and put Cain out of business in a month. ‘I make a better friend than an enemy,’ he warned Cain.

Cain talked to Caleb later about how Will was an ex convict and drug trafficker when he first arrived in the village and nobody would give him the time of day apart from Cain, who gave him a job. But now that he was married to Kim Tate he thought ‘all that money equals power.’

While Caleb reminded Cain that these days he was supposed to be trying to reinvent himself from his old ‘fists first, questions later’ style of dealing with problems, Cain said he might have to make an exception for Will.

His next move was to park the Home James van that he’d been working on so that it was blocking the entrance to Will and Jimmy (Nick Miles)’s yard.

‘Have you fixed it?’ Will asked.

‘No I haven’t. You need to hire a mechanic. Do you know anyone?’ he said.

Cain 1, Will 0. But who’ll strike the next blow in the war between them? And how will their feud affect Caleb and Nicky’s plans?

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