Netflix Blue Bloods 13×10 Sneak Peek

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CBS’ long-running series returned with Erin Reagan (played by Bridget Moynahan) taking the next steps towards her political aspirations. Fans are certain her friend and colleague Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schrippa) could become her campaign manager. 

During the season 12 finale, Erin took the plunge and told her family she was going to run for district attorney. 

However, this came with some backlash from the current DA, Kimberly Crawford (Roslyn Ruff) who sent her on a wild goose chase to steer her away. 

Despite this, Erin finally took a major step to try and convince voters she was right for the job. 

This came with working on her appearance and writing a groundbreaking speech. 

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While rehearsing, Erin became discouraged and told Anthony that she having a hard time because she was a lawyer, not an actor.

As they practiced for her commercial, he responded, she needed to be both if she wanted to become DA. 

Throughout the episode it was also clear, Erin didn’t like the idea of focusing on her appearance and what she wears, instead of her ideas and qualifications. 

However, Anthony was there to encourage Erin, even telling her she looked “fantastic” after she underwent a major wardrobe transformation. 

After spotting his unwavering support for Erin, viewers took to social media convinced Anthony would officially work alongside her. 

@adamlaughslife tweeted: “Sounds like Anthony is fixing to be Erin’s campaign manager.”

A second fan @shoppingchef80 agreed: “Anthony is the only non-Reagan who can push Erin the way he does.”

While @AndrewCollet noted: “Anthony is being oddly very supportive of Erin in this episode.”

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However, other viewers simply praised Anthony’s efforts, including @Missymousefan who wrote: “Anthony cracks me up, although he’s always encouraging Erin.”

@alexasgaines shared: “STOPPP Anthony supporting Erin and her campaign and saying ‘that’s my girl!’ they are the BEST best friends.”

As @restlessinvb stated: “Anthony and Erin are friendship goals.”

Anthony was the only friend present at the Reagan family’s weekly dinner when Erin first announced her race for DA.

As she admitted: “I didn’t just invite you for dinner just because we’re friends.”

Erin revealed: “I invited you also because I wanted you here when I told my family I’m throwing my hat in the ring for DA.”

Speaking on this major storyline, showrunner Kevin Wade stated: “We have played her under four or five DAs, with whom she often clashed over principles as well as over ways and means.

“So, for her character, the choice seemed to be: if you think you can do the job, then ask for it or otherwise, sit back down.”

Wade told Deadline: “Time’s come for her to ask for it by announcing she’s running for the office.”

Blue Bloods season 13 continues Fridays on CBS in the US. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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