The Big Breakfast: AJ Odudu and Mo Gilligan open show

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The Big Breakfast made its epic return on Saturday and saw Mo Gilligan and AJ Odudu taking the reigns to host the Channel 4 reboot. The duo looked thrilled to be there as they welcomed the show’s former presenter, Denise Van Outen onto the programme. However, just minutes into the episode, some viewers claimed to “switch off”.

While some weren’t keen on the format, others felt the presenters were being over enthusiastic.

User @PeoplesPedagog1 said: “I may well have to turn off #TheBigBreakfast within 10 mins.

“Oh dear Christ, is it just me or is it really dire? Production values? Nil. I like Mo normally but the other mouth almighty is squawking & nobody can hear anything. Where’s Zig and Zag? I like Denise mind.” (sic)

Ruthie said: “Managed about 10 minutes of #TheBigBreakfast before having to switch over. I remember it being chaotic, but the constant shouting grates on me.” (sic)

Rosa added: “#TheBigBreakfast loving the new big breakfast, love Denise. But AJ stop shouting and slow down, can’t keep up!”

User @Sheltie went on to say: “Why does AJ Odudu need to shout? #TheBigBreakfast.”

Matty tweeted: “Just checked out #TheBigBreakfast watch for about minute and turn that s**t over boring.” (sic)

“I woke up, especially for the #TheBigBreakfast but turn it down. We don’t need shouty,” @panicdragon8784 complained.

Joel said: “#TheBigBreakfast reboot is so good! It feels fresh and contemporary but it’s got that classic 90s-00s cheekiness and excitement!

“This is perfect weekend morning TV, and I’m so glad it’s not another cookery or sports show.”

More to follow…

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