Below Deck Mediterranean: Bravo previews latest season

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Below Deck Med has returned with its sixth season following the crew as they tour Croatia. This time they are onboard the Lady Michelle, entertaining some elite charter guests. has all you need to know about some of the rules the crew must adhere to whilst they travel.

No talking to the production team

According to Men’s Health, Bravo has a strict policy when it comes to cast members interacting with the production team.

In order to maintain what is known in the world of film as the ‘fourth wall’, the crew must not acknowledge the presence of the cameras.

This is easier said than done when there is a large film crew in the way, but the cast members seem to have cracked it.

In film and TV terms, the ‘fourth wall’ refers to the edge of the onstage action.

The whole idea of an observational series is for the viewers to feel as if they are a part of the action as it plays out live in front of them.

You must line up before every guest arrival

As tedious as it sounds, setting the right impression is paramount for the crew on every charter.

They must dress in their smartest white uniforms and must all stand in a line to welcome and wave off their guests.

As charter guests leave the boat, the crew must be there when the tip is handed over.

This may be an easy rule to forget, but it is important to let the guests know they have been acknowledged.

Must use official titles in front of guests

Fans usually refer to the crew by their first names, but this colloquial way of addressing people is off-limits for the crew.

Instead, they must use the appropriate titles for their superiors, for example, Sandy must be addressed as Captain.

The reason for this is to show guests how the crew respect hierarchy and discipline, which are a huge part of yachting.

They are certainly seen to be having fun and stirring up the drama, but they must take their roles seriously.

Some rooms are off-limits

Although it may seem as if the crew has access to all areas of the boat, this is definitely not the case.

A number of rooms are deliberately not shown on camera as they are especially for production.

The crew is not allowed to show guests these rooms, which include the production team’s control room.

The control room is usually set up inside one of the staterooms, and the master suite is used by the crew.

Lady Michelle can accommodate 12 guests across six cabins, with a crew of 14 attending to their every need.

Must agree to 24/7 filming

In order to catch all of the action, the crew members are filmed at all hours of the day, every day of the week.

As expected, it is not just the camera crew watching their every move, as hidden cameras are set up around the boat.

Even the crew’s cabins are under watch, so they must be prepared to give up their privacy whilst on charter.

Of course, the bathroom is the only place they are allowed to be alone.

There have been occasions when more than one crew member has been seen entering the bathroom, and the production team is then allowed to step in.

Below Deck Med season six saw Malia White return as bosun, while the other crew members were new to the team.

The season made its debut on June 28, and at this moment in time, there is no knowing how many episodes have been filmed.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Bravo, Hayu, Peacock and NOW, as well as E4.

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