KATE Ferdinand showed off her post baby bump in an adorable new photo with son Cree.

The 29-year-old star was praised by fans who said she looked amazing just weeks after having a C-section during a traumatic labour.

Rio's wife wore a black top and leggings, cream Balenciaga trainers and a faux leather shirt in the sweet snap, as she cradled her newborn on her shoulder.

She captioned her latest pic "Baby boy" and raked up thousands of likes within minutes.

The star's followers shared comments praising the star, helping to continue to lift her spirits.

One wrote beneath her snap: "How you feeling now, you’re looking great for someone who only gave birth a few weeks ago!! 💙 Xx"

Another said: "Wow you look amazing x"

Kate recently said she has ruled out having another baby with her husband Rio after newborn Cree's birth left her unable to hold him.

The former Towie star went on to admit that just the thought of adding to her brood makes her feel "anxious", with the beauty already stepmum to Rio's three children.

Speaking in a new interview, Kate admitted that being a new mum has left her feeling 10 years older after giving birth last month.

She said: "If you ask me right now I would say never ever again. Our house is very hectic as it is. We have four kids and two dogs, it's a madhouse.

"The thought of having another one makes me slightly anxious."

She added to MailOnline: "I'm only 29 but I feel 39 at the moment! But you never know, I might feel different in a few years."

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