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BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin certainly had her work cut out for her on Tuesday morning, as she was forced to ask Nadhim Zahawi for a "clear" response regarding a potential lockdown.

The politician, who has served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the covid-19 vaccine appeared to not be very forthcoming regarding possible restrictions in October, which Louise and viewers at home picked up on fairly quickly.

Louise was then forced to probe Nadhim again and said: "I'm sorry I just need to ask that again if I could, just so I can get a clear answer. Are you looking on a possible lockdown in October?"

However on her second attempt she did manage to get the answer she required from Nadhim.

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Nadhim responded: "No, I haven't seen any, I know where your question comes from."

But although he gave his opinion on it, the vaccine minster still appeared to be rather unsure to spectators at home.

This lead viewers to accuse Nadhim of "bumbling" during his questioning with the breakfast presenter.

One fan wrote: "What even is the point of @nadhimzahawi? What a bumbling, unconvincing interview on @BBCBreakfast just now."

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Another viewer said: "Why bother interviewing @nadhimzahawi as he never answers a question and just spouts out his own rubbish."

A third very unimpressed viewer chimed: "BBC breakfast interviewing Minister Zahawi who, despite saying he'd not be arrogant enough to suggest Covid is over, doing pretty much that.

"No mention of 52,000 new infections a day, nearly 1,000 dead a week. Talks of vaccine saving 100k lives – what about 150k dead? Woeful."

While a fourth penned: "I just with that Nadhim Zahawi would stop stuttering, mumbling & passing the buck when he doesn't want to answer a question! What's the point of having him waist time on-air!"

According to recent reports by The i Newspaper, ministers may consider a two-week "firebreak lockdown" in October if the spike in Covid hospitalisations continues to grow.

The i also claims that the Government has drawn up plans for restrictions during the school half-term, due to fears the NHS will come under increasing pressure as winter approaches.

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