On Aug. 24, Bachelor in Paradise fans fell head over heels for Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn. Now, many viewers are wondering whether the BIP stars are still together. Of course, everyone will just have to watch the couple’s love story unfold. But Maurissa and Riley’s Instagram posts after the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 episode has many fans hoping for a happy ending.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn from Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.]

What happened to Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 Episode 3?

In episode 3 of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, Riley took Maurissa on a one-on-one date. The reality stars connected while answering questions from guest host Lance Bass. Then as the night went on, many Bachelor Nation fans could see the incredible chemistry between Maurissa and Riley.

Both Riley and Maurissa opened up about their thoughts on marriage and family. Maurissa also shared a story about her past and revealed that she needed reassurance from her partner. And ultimately, Maurissa and Riley were on the same page.

At the end of the night, Riley and Maurissa went to the “Boom Boom Room.” Now, many Bachelor in Paradise fans are wondering where the couple’s love story will head next.

Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian share Instagram posts after their first date on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’


After their first date in Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 3, both Riley and Maurissa shared separate Instagram posts and gushed over their experience together. 

“Best first date ever,” Maurissa captioned her Instagram post tagging Riley. She also joked about the Fear Factor-style date, asking Lance for a “better menu next time.” 

Then Riley shared a photo of himself kissing Maurissa’s forehead during their one-on-one date. 

“That was something special,” Riley captioned the pic on Instagram.

Bachelor Nation comments on Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn’s Instagram posts


When Maurissa and Riley posted about their first Bachelor in Paradise date on Instagram, many members of Bachelor Nation commented on the couple’s chemistry.

“Watching you both on my screen was so beautiful,” Natasha Parker wrote on Instagram.

Tammy Ly also wrote, “Couple goals”

Meanwhile, many Bachelor Nation fans shared their hopes for the BIP couple. 

“You’re the sweetest I hope it works out between you guys,” a fan wrote on Instagram.

Another fan wrote, “Best chemistry of the season!! OMG Y’all look so good together…I pray you both get the big families you want together!!”

[Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers about Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian’s relationship in Bachelor in Paradise 2021.]

Are Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn still together after ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

While many Bachelor in Paradise fans are hoping Riley and Maurissa go the distance, everyone will just have to wait and see whether the couple is still dating or engaged after the grand finale. But if you don’t want to wait, Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve already shared some season spoilers for BIP 2021. 

On June 30, Reality Steve claimed that Maurissa and Riley got engaged at the end of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. Then on Aug. 24, the franchise blogger suggested that the reality stars are still together.

“Maurissa and Riley are the only two from the engaged couples that haven’t been spotted publicly since filming ended, but they have seen each other,” Reality Steve wrote.

As always, Bachelor Nation fans will just have to wait and see what happens to Maurissa and Riley moving forward. But whatever happens, it’s clear that many BIP viewers are hoping for a happily ever after. So stay tuned.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.

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