Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) is yet to tell anyone about being raped by Aaron Sandford (James Craven) in Coronation Street.

The two flatmates spent the evening together a few weeks ago, drinking booze and generally enjoying each other’s company.

However, when Amy tumbled into bed and told Aaron that she was feeling unwell and had drunk far too much, she soon passed out. Aaron then climbed into bed and began kissing her.

During the aftermath, as Amy started to piece together what happened, a comment from Aaron about them having sex allowed her to face the horrifying realisation that she wasn’t actually able to consent.

With Aaron arguing that Amy wanted to have sex just as much as he did, she is understandably confused, and the blueprint she now has of how some men can behave begins to impact relationships with family members.

As Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) and Daniel’s (Rob Mallard) wedding looms, Amy stands awkwardly in her bridesmaid dress.

When Adam (Sam Robertson) gives her a friendly squeeze, she flinches, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Simon (Alex Bain).

However, when he tries to broach the subject, Amy snaps at him.

‘I think that probably one of the most important things about the story is the long term, because something like this doesn’t just happen to somebody and then they forget about it a week later. That isn’t really how things like this work’, Elle Mulvaney told us recently, reflecting on what’s ahead for Amy.

‘So seeing how the character goes on over the next few months, years, even in future relationships, how that’s going to affect things. How is she going to interact with people differently? I think that’ll be really interesting to look at.’

‘She will still have her personality, but this will always be with her and this is something that she’s going to live with, and she’s going to learn to live with and will have to make herself come back from this and will have to build up from square one.’

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