All Creatures Great and Small cast tease Christmas episode

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The last series of the Channel 5 drama saw newlywed James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) torn between staying at Skeldale House to continue his work and serving his country as the nation is on the brink of war. Although fans will have to wait a while longer to see what unfolds in the fourth series, they’ll get to catch up with the village residents for a festive Christmas special this month.

Series three of All Creatures Great and Small saw a Darrowby wedding, a whirlwind romance between Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) and Florence (Sophie Khan Levy), a stray dog winning over Mrs Hall (Anna Madeley) and the war edging closer.

The six-part drama concluded with James and Tristan poised to sign up to fight for their country.

Although it’s unclear what the future holds for the resident vet and his new bride Helen (Rachel Shenton), one thing viewers do know is there’s a Christmas special on the way.

Appearing in the recent instalment of Steph’s Packed Lunch, the host spoke to Anna and Rachel about what people can expect from the upcoming festive episode.

Anna said: “Oh gosh, the Christmas special is a lot of fun but we have a visitor in the house who is a great character.

“I can’t really say any more about it, we are in the midst of war at that point.”

Rachel Shenton then interjected as she teased more about that viewers will expect in the seasonal special.

She added: “It’s full of the things I think make All Creatures great, which is the togetherness and community.

“What I love about Ben Vanstone’s scripts is that they’re always so colourful and truthful.

“You can be laughing one minute then the next you can be quite touched.

“There’s all that in the Christmas episode, but of course, they’re leaning into things getting ever so slightly more serious because we’re on the brink of war.”

Anna added that during the special, the residents of Darrowby will realise both who and what matters to them.

She teased: “I get some news from Gerald and improvise a party. I tell him we’re having a party but we’re not! So things like that, it’s going to be fun.”

People will be able to watch the episode of All Creatures Great and Small on December 23 on Channel 5 at 9pm.

James and Helen will star in the special as their first Christmas as a married couple along with Tristan, Siegfried (Samuel West) and Mrs Hall.

A synopsis for the episode teases that a young guest arrives at Skeldale House who brings mischief, cheer and wonder to the family.

An overview for the special reads: “When Mrs Pumphrey heralds the arrival of a kitten in need of some extra care at Pumphrey Manor, James has just the person to take him under their wing. 

“Siegfried is asked to pay a visit to an injured River just before a big race and makes an important discovery which Sebright Saunders uses as leverage to get River back on the racetrack.

“Siegfried risks compromising himself and everything he stands for, but Tristan has other ideas. When Mrs Hall runs into Gerald at the market and hears his news, she finds herself inviting him to a Skeldale Christmas party that hasn’t been organised.

“The rest of the house help her cobble together some guests and a spread – but will he come, and if he does, is Mrs Hall ready to tell him how she feels?”

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