A PLACE In The Sun host Jonnie Irwin has revealed the jaw-dropping moment a guest repeatedly stabbed himself with a knife to put a stop to his nervous giggles on-set.

The Channel 4 show anchor, who has been fronting the home search and development show for the past 17 years, told of his most bizarre experience when filming a segment overseas.

The A Place In The Sun star, who shares his role with a variety of broadcasters including Jasmine Harman and Laura Hamilton, told Metro of the man's reaction when he was told the prices of a selection of homes.

Yet it was only later the contestant – who had to flee filmingt mid-take due to his jitters – revealed how he curtailed his nervousness in response to the whopping fees.

Jonnie revealed: "He told me 'When I ran off I ran into the kitchen, found the kitchen drawer, got a knife, put a knife in my pocket, ran back out, and every time I thought I was going to start laughing I stabbed myself in the hand."

The 47-year-old also let slip the pep talk he gave the property-hunter prior to his bizarre actions, and added: "Eventually I was like 'Come on mate pull yourself together' and he just ran off into the kitchen.

"I was like 'What is he doing?' He comes back two minutes later and we continued so I told him the price.

"He kept straight-faced, albeit with a slight smile and a wince, and we finished that section of the show."

Jonnie, who also works as a lecturer, hasn't had the easiest time on the sun-soaked series since the shows aired this year – with new episodes suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, he lost patience with an "unreadable" buyer before exclaiming "I can't work with you."

And earlier this month, a couple told the pro he had "fallen flat on his face" after they rejected all his property suggestions.

Farmers Fred and Susan were looking for a holiday home in Palma, Mallorca and were left less than impressed with what the property whiz had to show them.

The couple told Jonnie they had a budget of £265,000 but could push it up by £10,000 for the right property.

As the selections were given the unanimous thumbs-down, Jonnie joked, “I fell at the first hurdle,” before Fred cruelly quipped, “you fell flat on your face”.

But Jonnie isn't the only property expert who has flipped while taking the guests around in the sunshine.

Earlier this week Jasmine Harman replied "are you serious?" to her guests as they snubbed plush Spanish villa she picked out for them.

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