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Amando and Vanessa have long been fans of Tenerife, visiting the Spanish island 50 times in the past three years. And enlisting the help of A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton, the two wanted to find their perfect holiday home for themselves, their three children and one grandchild. Luckily for them, the Channel 4 property expert had just the place – but there was a slight catch.

With a budget of £185,000, Vanessa and Amando were presented with four viable options which fell within their price range.

However, Laura tried to push her luck and showed the two a house on the market which ticked all of their boxes and then some – but for £199,000.

Inevitably, this was the Spanish property the two fell in love and decided to put an offer in.

The A Place in the Sun guests offered their top budget of £185,000, to begin with as they started the negotiation, but Laura informed them it had been rejected.

Keen to try and squeeze a bit more money out of the pair, she asked the two if they could possibly stretch their budget a tiny bit further.

At this point, Amando took it upon himself to tell Laura he was willing to but he’d have to make a huge sacrifice.

“I’ve just bought a brand new car,” he said. “My dream car.”

He told Laura and Vanessa he’d return the car in order to free up the funds needed to push their £185,000 budget further.

“Wow,” Laura replied as she took note of Amando’s selflessness.

Luckily for the two, the owner of the four-bedroom, three-bathroom property countered with an offer of £187,500.

With a communal pool, garage and terrace, Vanessa and Amando hastily accepted the offer, even though it was more than they initially wanted to spend.

Laura assured Amando: “Cars depreciate in value, property appreciates in value.”

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Chuffed with the decision, Amando said to Laura: “I said at the start of this journey you would be our miracle and you have (been).”

Vanessa concurred with her other half: “You’ve certainly delivered.”


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