A Place in the Sun guest was taken by surprise when his partner revealed her wish list for their holiday home in Spain.

House hunters Rachel and John were looking to buy their first home together and they have fallen in love with the Valencian municipality of Oliva whilst they were travelling on their camper van.

With a budget of £100,000, they asked for expert Ben Hillman to show them a two-bed home where they can stay for six months in the region.

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As Ben asked them what they are hoping to find during the search, Rachel explained: "A living area.

"It could be a living area with a kitchen, you know, open plan or separate, we don't mind.

"A bit of outdoor space – a couple of acres may well work or …"

John, her partner of three years, raised his eyebrows and turned to her, saying: "Oh! What?!"

Ben quickly chimed in and asked if the checklist "has been cleared" by John.

"Well! I don't think it has!" he replied and laughed off.

Rachel clarified the requirement and said: "Well, no but a bit of more outdoor space. A minimum of two bedrooms, three would be wonderful, in terms of family and friends coming over to stay."

John said his dream home would have to have some original features and he wasn't bothered that if part of the house was not in pristine conditions.

The couple admitted that they did not know where they want to stay – whether it's in the old town or the countryside.

"That's the dilemma! We do like aspects of the old town of Oliva but then we are quite happy to go further afield," John added.

After viewing five properties, both in countryside and in the town centre, John and Rachel decided to take a pause to rethink their priorities.


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