FANS of Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why have been binge-watching season 3 overnight to find out who killed Bryce Walker.

The Whodunnit series was released yesterday, giving fans over 13 hours of gripping television.

The problem is, they're so addicted they've been watching it non-stop ever since.

Following the death of show villain Bryce, the characters most likely to have committed murder are in the firing line.

Although the trailer is pointing to Clay Jensen as the main suspect, fans believe that this is a red herring – and are adamant that he is innocent.

Determined to find out who the real culprit is before hearing it from their friends, or seeing a spoiler online, fans have been watching one after the other through the night.

One fan said: "The sun just came up and I’m still binge watching #13ReasonsWhy … sorry but priorities."

Another added: "I have been binge watching #13ReasonsWhy for 14 1/2 hours and I can’t think straight but damn I love this show so much."

Someone else wondered: "Really can’t figure out who killed Bryce and it’s proper stressing me out !!!"

An eager fan said: "Done watching the first episode and I'm dying to know who killed Bryce."

Other viewers have been praising the latest series, with one saying: "Wtf this season was so f***ing good I’m in tears!!!"

Another added: "Still up binge watching #13ReasonsWhy I can’t stop!"

The first two series were about the suicide of teenager Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langsford).

But now another character has ended up dead, it's thought the show will move away from Hannah's story.

In the trailer, an emotional Clay, played by Dylan Minnette, tearfully shouts: "This whole f***ing world is better without him in it", showing zero remorse for Bryce's murder.

But he's not the only suspect. Alisha Boe was one of Bryce's many sex assault victims – could she have sought revenge?

Although many have raced through the latest episodes, they can look forward to one more series after this.

Netflix have confirmed that season four – which is likely to be out in 2020 – will be the last season.

A spokesperson for streaming network Netflix said: “Series four will feature the core cast's graduation from High School which will be a natural conclusion to the show.”

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