RAY Crosby returns to the cobbles for a final showdown with Debbie Webster after discovering her plan to double cross him next week in Coronation Street – and leaves her to die in the bistro freezer. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week on the cobbles…

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1. Debbie reveals plan to double cross Ray

Debbie lets slip to Ray’s accountant that she has no intention of securing Ray a new life in Turkey – and that instead she wants him to go to prison.

Meanwhile, Ray disguises himself as a workman and sneaks back onto the cobbles.

He's furious when he overhears Debbie discussing her plans to double cross him with his accountant.

2. Abi spills the beans to Kevin

Abi calls at the bistro and tells her they need to tell Kevin the truth about Ray as he’s growing increasingly suspicious, but Debbie refuses. 

Kevin spots Mick lurking outside the bistro looking for Ray and tells him to speak to Debbie. 

Abi fears the worst for Debbie and tells Kevin it was Debbie who called an ambulance and saved her life.

But when she goes on to explain that Debbie is claiming she ended up killing Ray in self-defence, Kevin tells her she's being ridiculous.

3. Ray leaves Debbie and Kevin to die

Meanwhile, Ray reveals his identity and forces a horrified Debbie into the walk-in fridge, where he locks her in.

Kevin comes to her rescue and hits Ray over the head with a frying pan.

But as the door slams behind them they both realise in horror that they’re both locked in the freezer. 

Will someone come to their rescue?

4. Johnny gets a nasty shock 

Johnny is horrified to learn his cellmate Joe has taken an overdose.

Johnny kicks himself for turning down a game of pool with Joe ahead of the tragedy.

Meanwhile, Jenny is upset to hear Daisy being rude about Johnny, but when Daisy apologises Jenny quickly forgives her. 

5. Johnny starts to hallucinate

Johnny starts experiencing visions of mice and cockroaches and, to his horror, his late son Aiden who killed himself back in 2018.

Carla visits later and asks him about his health, forcing Johnny to admits his eyesight has deteriorated and that he’s hallucinating.

When Johnny admits he’s been seeing Aidan, Carla makes him promise he’ll speak to the prison doctor.

But Johnny ignores Carla's advice and heads back to his cell.

6. Carla steps in to save Johnny 

Johnny is shocked when he's summoned by the doctor.

When Carla admits to Roy that she’s broken her promise and phoned the prison, he assures her she’s done the right thing.

Johnny calls Carla and tells her the doctor is referring her to a psychiatrist. 

Later, Johnny finally calls Jenny and opens up about his hallucinations.

7. A mystery bidder snaps up David’s house

Steve returns from the Peak District and is horrified to learn Tracy has her sights on David’shouse. 

Tracy and David then start a furious bidding war on their laptops, with Steve urging Tracy to stop when the bidding reaches £138k.

The pair are stunned when they discover someone else has joined the bidding – and that the final bid was placed by an unknown party.

Who is the mystery bidder?

8. Leanne spirals

Leanne agrees to lunch with Nick but lies and pretends everything is fine.

Later, Leanne passes Victoria Garden and gazes miserably at Oliver’s apple tree.

Leanne thanks Simon for his support and shows him a feather she’s found, telling him it’s a sign from Oliver meaning he’s at peace.

9. Leanne turns to a TV psychic

Viewers will then see Leanne type in her card details and book a consultation with Crystal Moon, a TV psychic.

Leanne tells Crystal Moon all about Oliver and the feather, and she assures Leanne that it was indeed a symbol of Oliver’s love for her.

Is grieving Leanne heading on a downward spiral?

10. Tyrone gets closer to Alina

Fiz asks Tyrone to look after the furniture shop whilst she goes to Hope’s school assessment. 

But when Alina invites him for a coffee to discuss the business course she has enrolled on, he jumps at the chance and ends up leaving the shop unattended.

He’s shocked to find the shop has been robbed upon his return. 

How will Fiz and Gary react?

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