ROMAINE SAWYERS slid an incredible long-range own goal to gift Leeds the opener at struggling West Brom.

New Baggies' boss Sam Allardyce watched in disbelief as the midfielder had a ninth-minute nightmare.

Local lad Sawyers drilled a low backpass that stunned keeper Sam Johnstone, who reacted late but probably had little chance anyway.

Leeds' official Twitter account quickly rubbed it in, posting: "Sawyers with a great goal!!!"

And as you might expect, ex-Brentford star Sawyers, 29, looked shell-shocked.

But Leeds blitzed three more goals just before half-time to almost overshadow Sawyers' embarrassment.

And at least ex-Leeds striker Jermaine Beckford was on his side – despite calling it a "fantastic finish".

Beckford told Radio 5 live: "It was so unfortunate as he has been one of West Brom's best players this season. 

"He's one of my favourite players for the Albion, so to see the manner in which he scored that own goal is pretty unfortunate. 

"When the tide is against you, you are always going to be up against it."

Most comments on social media teased Swayer for his "great finish" and "beautiful hit".

But others called his intervention a "calamity" and "Sunday League".

Victory would lift Leeds into mid-table while West Brom will stay second bottom barring a cricket-score win.

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