JAKE PAUL appeared to showcase a phenomenal feat of strength by pulling a FIRE TRUCK during his latest training session.

The YouTuber is currently gearing up for a boxing match with former UFC welterweight Ben Askren.

And during his latest strength and conditioning session, the former Disney star appeared to pull a full-sized fire engine with nothing but his own body weight.

Paul shared the video to his social media pages with the accompanying caption: "I’m literally a tow truck."

The 24-year-old then shared his prediction for his imminent clash with the former ONE Championship and Bellator 170lb titleholder.

He added: "Ben Askren eatin Oreos right now. April 17th. 1 round knockout."

While the video of Paul's apparent feat of strength stunned several of his followers, many of them were sceptical of the legitimacy of the clip.

One fan tweeted: "IDK is someone driving it looks like its not fake idk."


Another said: "He definitely got someone on kneeling on the floor of the truck pushing the pedals."

And another said: "Your brother is driving slowly with tinted windows and ducked down and you know it."

Some viewers also questioned the benefits of Paul pulling the mammoth vehicle.

One said: "What does that have to do with boxing training?

"I'm sure any pro trainer would advise against something like that."

Another said: "What does this have to do with training for a boxing match?"

And another said: "Didn’t know pulling was related to boxing haha."

Paul is 2-0 as a boxer following stoppage wins over fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and former NBA star Nate Robinson last year.

And the social media star is confident of turning in a flawless performance against 36-year-old Askren.

He told ESPN: "Go Google Ben Askren's striking. Hahaha.

"It's not going to go that long, it's not going to go that long.

"I don't even think he'll hit me. I haven't been hit one time in the face in my past two fights.

"So I haven't even been punched as pro boxer one time. Nate Robinson landed one body shot in a clinch.

"I don't think Ben Askren will even hit me. That's my prediction."

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